Oh Christmas Tree, How I Love These Ornaments!!

We were helping my Brother in Law and Sister in Law put up their Christmas Tree last week and my husband made a comment about how we need more ornaments! We told him they had 2 more children than we did that are all much older than Penelope AND about 10 years of marriage on us! It takes time, memories, life to build a grand ornament collection!!! We have quite a bit already! I LOVE ornaments!!! So I get quite a few as gifts each year!!! We have a tradition of picking out an ornament each year to add to our tree! I’m going to share all of those with you tonight!! PLUS Penelope’s Santa Photos!!

I started talking to my now husband back in 2012! Our first date was the night the world was supposed to end!! Does anyone remember that?? I tell him all of the time I agreed to start dating him because he was sending me photos of his family’s Christmas celebration on Christmas that year. It was alll out Christmas with the decorations and desserts on desserts on desserts!! My parents can’t eat sugar for medical reasons, so I was soooo jealous that night!!!! haha His niece and nephews were soooo adorable too!! So I told him I stayed with him for these grand Christmas’s each year! &&& JOKES ON ME!! They haven’t had a full out Christmas like that since!!! (face palm) lol They promised we would this year!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Ok Sorry! Baackkk on track!! SO Fast Forward!! I convinced Richard to get an ornament on our one year anniversary. We weren’t even talking marriage then but I insisted for some reason lol NOW I’m glad I did!!!

&& This is when a tradition began!! Year 2!

Year 3, Richard proposed to me the day before my birthday!! So we chose an ornament to  show our big moment that year!!

2016 We got married!! This was a gift because of our tradition of ornaments!! So we bought anotherrr ornament for this year too!! (Keep Scrolling)

We found out I was pregnant a few months after our wedding so we announced Penelope’s Name with our Christmas Ornament!!

Our First Family Ornament for 2017!! I was obsessed with Penelope in Pjs, so we did Family Christmas Pjs Photos and had to get this one!!

My husband picked this year’s ornament out!! I am OBSESSED with the movie Elf so he picked the little Elf family!!

I love this ornament too!! Holds our Santa Photos on the tree!!

Penelope was NOT a fan of Santa this year!! She had a death grip on me and started crying REAL tears 2 feet away from him! Luckily there wasn’t anyone in line (we went in November to avoid the lines!!) so they were very patient with her!! Santa suggested we sit down with her to show her it was ok! As you can see, my husband and I did not dress to be in photos with her!! lol

Santa was amazing, talking with her, trying to give her high fives and all!! I am so glad we bought the digitals so these photos and a few others were sent to us along with the ones we printed!!

My parents started to play behind the camera, hitting my dad on the head and it distracted Penelope enough to get a smile for the FINAL Photo!!!! Yay!! We tried once more to get her to sit with Santa alone…it didn’t happen!!!! But it’s all a fun memory!!! My Husband and I will be better prepared next year just in case!!! lol

How is your ornament collection? Do you have a lot of handmade ornaments from your littles? I honestly cannot waittttt for those from Penelope!!! I can’t wait to see our collection grow!! I’ll share more of our favorite ornaments later!!!

Here is our Christmas Tree!! We made a post on Facebook tonight about sharing a photo of your Christmas Tree with us too!!! Go add a photo of yours!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!


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