Best Black Friday Deals of 2018

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?? Search all of the ads? Make a plan? Start your Christmas Shopping!? Throw some elbows? Seen some fights? What’s on YOUR MUST HAVE list?! I’ve looked around on the biggest retailers websites for the best deals for Black Friday and for their ads!! Everything from TV’s to Toys!!! Here is your one stop for your favorite ads!! You’ll find when each store is opening below too!! I’ll add to this over the next few days as stores add items!! I’m also going to share items I have on my wish list!!!

Target: Black Friday Ad  Doors will open at 5pm on Thursday!!

Best BuyBlack Friday Ad  Doors will open at 5pm on Thursday!!

WalMart: Black Friday Ad Sales start online on Wednesday at 7pm! Doors will open at Thursday at 6pm!!

Amazon: Black Friday Ad Their Sales started November 16th!! New items are being added daily!!

GameStop: Black Friday Ad This ad was leaked early on this website!! Doors open at: 3pm Thursday but you can start shopping Wednesday at 8pm online!

Old Navy: Black Friday Ad Doors open at 3pm!

Conn’s: Black Friday Ad Leaked! Doors open at 5pm!! Giveaways for first 21 people in the door Thursday thru Sunday!

JCPenny: Black Friday Ad Doors open at 2pm on Thursday and the sales are available all day online!

Macy’s: Black Friday Ad Another leaked ad!!! Doors open at: 5pm on Thursday but you can start shopping all day Thursday online!

Home Depot: Black Friday Ad Leaked! Doors open at 6am Friday!! They are closed all day Thursday!

Khols: Black Friday Ad Stores open at 5pm on Thursday!

Academy Sports + Outdoors: Black Friday Ad Start shopping online at 10pm on Wednesday! Doors will open 5am on Friday!

I love the stores that aren’t opening until Friday morning!! The stores that open on Thursday are keeping people from their families! Whether working or people going to stand in lines for hours on end! The excitement of Black Friday was getting up at 2am ON Friday, getting all bundled up, grabbing coffee, and standing in lines!! With all of the stores staying open or opening early on Thursday, it takes the rush and experience out of it all!! I used to love Black Friday shopping so much more! Now it feels like companies are being greedy opening earlier and earlier to make more money!! OKKKK I’m getting off my soapbox!! Now for items I have my eye on and some of the best deals I’ve seen of fun items!!

-Google Home Hub for $99 (save $50) at Target!!

Google Home Mini and Chromecast Bundle for $45 (save $29) at Walmart!

Ring Alarm 5-piece Starter Kit for $169 (save $30) at Amazon

iRobot Roomba 890 for $350 (save $150) at Target!

Some Black Friday Shopping Tips:

  • Make A List of Items, Prices, Location, and Priority!!
  • Shop with a Friday, Help Each Other!!
  • Have a Back Up Plan! If items sells out too fast, lines are too long, what or where are you going next?
  • Find out the return policy for the stores and get gift receipts!!
  • Stick to your budget! It’s easy to get excited and over do!
  • Do your research! Black Friday isn’t always the best deal of the season!
  • There is no deal good enough to get in a fight or be injured over!

Have Fun!!!! What are you looking to get this Black Friday?? Don’t forget Small Business Saturday is THIS Saturday too!! Don’t forget to save a little money to support our small businesses!!

Good Luck!!



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