Family Christmas Photos 2018

I LOVE taking photos! As you know!! I take photos of EVERYTHING!! I’m extremely sentimental about things and I love to capture the moment! Life goes by way too quickly!

PLUS if you have littles, you know how lucky you are if you can get photos of them looking at the camera, smiling at the camera, not throwing a fitttt during the photos! lol You take what you can get!!! So when you have a fun, happy photo shoot, you want to share thoseeeeeee!!! You just hit the jack pot!!

We’ve taken family photos before when Penelope was born and I LOVED those newborn photos but I HATED how I looked! So tired and still swollen and did I mention TIRED!?! I am proud of those photos! The photos showing us as a new family but they aren’t my highlights lol My husband, Richard, works so much it’s hard to get photos together as a family! We didn’t get photos together at her one year photo shoot either since he was working. I try to capture every moment of my daughter and husband together but it’s normally at night before bed time! Not Christmas Card worthy photos, especially since by that time I’m in my leggings and big t-shirt! Richard requested a weekend off before Thanksgiving and I took full advantage of being able to plan things!! LIKE FAMILY PHOTOS!!!! These were my favorites!! So I had to share them!!

Mistletoe Baby!!

We chose this one as our Christmas Card Photo!!

She was sooo done with us by this point! lol

I cannot get enough of our little family! Here’s our 2018 Christmas Card!!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

I was so proud of myself for ordering Christmas Cards by the 1st of December and SHOCKED that I was able to get them out before Christmas this year!! Lol I feel like I accomplished Christmas this year already!!

Am I the only one that struggles getting those Christmas Cards out?? Did you do family photos and Christmas cards this year? I’d loveeee to see yours!! Share them with us on our Facebook page!!!

Merry Christmas!!


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