Blogtober Wrap Up!!!

We are going to finish up Blogtober REALLLLL quick!! I have the rest of the questions in bold below and quick answers!! I don’t like to leave things half done and I got a little distracted half way through!!! Sorry!! But let’s do this!!!!

First 10 songs on your playlist on shuffle: 

  1. Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato
  2. Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfeld & Florida Georgia Line
  3. Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce
  4. Mean To Me by Brett Eldredge
  5. Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya
  6. Maybe It’s Time by Bradley Cooper
  7. Breathe by Johnny Diaz
  8. I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
  9. Different by Micah Tyler
  10. Oh, Tonight by Josh Abbott Band

What are your thoughts on piercings && tattoos:

I think it’s all up to the person!! It works for some! Not for others! I have 3 tattoos, all have meanings to me!! I’ve had a few piercings too! With what I do, I keep it conservative and modest! It fits my style and life!! I believe there are bigger issues to spend my time on than if someone wants to get a tattoo! Let’s focus on Human Trafficking and Children in the Foster System!!

Share your funniest memory from childhood:

My mom used the phrase “You lie like a rug” my entire life!!! At the age of 13 I was sitting in the car and she said it to my little sister and I remember just busting out laughing randomly so hard I started crying!! My mom asked what was so funny and I finally got out “I gettt it!!!!! You lieeee like a rug like you lie on the ground…” and couldn’t even finish that from laughing so hard. My entire life and it all finally clicked in my head. Still to this day that make fun of me!

Do you have any hobbies:

I’m a mom. I like taking a shower alone. 😉 This is only semi a joke!! We can expand more on this later!!!

What is your favorite song:

Depends on the week!! I’m the type that will listen to a song on repeat until I’ve played it enough for my entire life!! && snap of a finger I’m obsessing over a new song!!

A TV Series you think everyone should watch:

ooooo this is a hard one!!! I have a lot of favorite shows!! Check out THIS post I recently made about my favorite shows!!

Is there a place you would love to visit:

I want to visit New York City during Christmas time more than anywhere else in the world! Judge away!! I know there are incredible places and things to see in the world &&& I’d love to see those places too!! HOWEVER!!! NYC is a city I’ve been obsessed with my entire life!!! Just the thought about the city life at night at Christmas time just sounds like greatest place in the world to me!!

Who is your celebrity crush:

Don’t kill me, I’VE NEVER HAD ONE!!! I’ve just never really like fan girl’d over anyone crazy!

Tell us about your favorite concert:

I’ve been to quite a few concerts! My favorite concert everrr though was the very first one I coordinated at my job working for an arena!! It was the craziest amount of work that went into it! But standing behind the stage seeing the artist and the excitement in the crowd and knowing I had a part of that! I had a part of making this incredible night, these memories, this magic happen!!! It was an amazing feeling!! It made all of the hard work and long days totally worth it!!

List 10 random facts about you:

  1. Elephants are my favorite animal!!
  2. I would totally live in a hotel suite and love it!
  3. I’m obsessed with Diet Coke!
  4. I’m not a home body!
  5. I don’t like generic gifts, I love things to be personal and well thought out!
  6. I hate driving!
  7. I wish I could dance!! I have NO rhythm!! lol
  8. I hold grudges to strangers bad! If I know you, I can drop things once worked out, but that random person that did something to me or a friend, screw you FO LIFE!!! lol
  9. The longest I went to one school was 2 years until High School, I was there for 3 years, graduated a year early. I didn’t even stay at the same college for more than 2 years!
  10. I’m terrible at names but recognize faces really well!!

What does Halloween mean to you:

It means costumesssss &&&&& candyyyyyy and trying to avoid being scared!!! It means the GREATEST HOLIDAY EVER IS ABOUT TO BE HERE!!! That’s Christmas btw!! 😉

I know this wasn’t the “right” way to complete Blogtober!! But HEYYYY we both got through it!!! *insert happy dance*

I’m so excited for the holiday posts we have coming up!!! P.S. Have you put your Christmas Decorations up yet???


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