Halloween Night 2018

Happy Halloween!!!! Tonight was absolutely incredible!! My SIL and BIL had all of our families over so everyone could be with the littles and see them in their costumes and trick or treat!! The grandparents passed out candy while us parents took the kids around the neighborhood!!! Penelope even started trick or treating and walking up to homes on her own!! BUT I’m getting ahead of myself!!!!

Halloween: The holiday that marks the beginning of the end for all weak willed dieters! 😉

Here was our spread tonight!! We had jack o lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s!!! That was only 1 of 3 bowls of candy they had to pass out!!

My SIL made that INCREDIBLE Cake && Cookies!!

I made this Witches Brew Punch too!! It was Sprite, Lime Sherbet, and Gummy Worms!!

Here was our little ghost!! She loves going around scaring people!! “ahhh BOO!!”

Here are her cousins!! They are absolutely amazing with her!! I love seeing the bond they have and being able to create these memories together!!

Penelope’s FIRST Trick or Treat of the year!!  She was not interested at first!

She just wanted to eat the candy!! lol

She finally started catching on!!

This video is her first house she finally went up to alone!!!

From then on, she was all ready!! She got to the point where people could put something in her bag and she would look down at it and look back at them like that’s it? They would laugh and go to hand her another piece and she would grab it from their hands put it in her bag and walk away! lol It was hilarious!! She played them all!!

We went through a Haunted House too!! I followed VERY CLOSELY behind my SIL while we walked through!! I kept yelling at the people after the scare her that I SEEEEE YOUUUU so they wouldn’t try to jump out at me too! This one guy caught on and started following closely behind me to try to scare me! I yelled at him too!! I don’t do scary!!! lol

My favorite part: “checking” the candy when we got back!! aka taking all my favorites!!! 😉

Now to watch Hocus Pocus and relax at my BIL & SIL’s house and try to convince everyone to let’s just put Christmas decorations up already!!! 😉 Really though, it’s not really Halloween until you’ve watched Hocus Pocus!!!

How was your Halloween Night??? Did you get a lot of candy??


Happy Halloween!!!



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