In Need of A Massage!! Time to Relax!!

Seven!! Day 7 of Blogtober: What are your most loved ways to relax?

Now this is a post that is easy to write!! Massage!! That’s it! I don’t do bubble baths! I love a glass of wine here and there but I don’t like the feeling after drinking so that’s not my go to! I can’t relax just being home alone! My mind wanders, I see the dishes need to be done! My brain goes 24/7 non stop! I need to stay busy! I don’t like to just sit there! I just image the million things I need to get done on my to do list! But for some reason, when I go get a massage, I can just lay there and relax! Like I know I can’t just get up and walk out in the middle of it! Sometimes I have to count down from 100 when my mind starts running but then I’m ready to just enjoy this 60 minutes of silence! They hit the right pressure points! I walk out with the knots out of my shoulders! I can move my arm again!!! I feel ready to tackle the world again! Ready to crawl on the floor with my toddler again! I can breathe!!! NOW I want to go get a massage!! Maybe I can convince my husband to send me this weekend!! 😉

How do YOU relax??


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