Falling For My Favorite Season

Day 3 of our Blogtober Challenge: Do you have a favorite season? Share 3 things you love about it!

Fall! Fall is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE season!! Christmas is my favorite Holiday! Thanksgiving is the Holiday I look forward to the most, Halloween has become a favorite after having a child!! So if everything AFTER Fall is my favorite, why do I LOVE fall so much!?!?

  1. It’s the BUILD UP!!! Fall is the beginning of the most incredible part of the year!! It’s the season of change! It’s before all of the decorating, the parties, the gifts, the family get togethers! The calm before the storm! It’s the point where you can start looking forward to the rest of the year! Right before the next 3 months FLY by!!!
  2. It’s the season of change! A new school year starts, football kicks off, our favorite tv shows start new seasons, and EVERYONE starts getting in a cheerier mood!! There’s just something about the holidays that gets everyone excited!! My favorite sight is the incredible colors of leaves changing too!!!
  3. The cooler weather! I don’t even need to explain this one!! When we are hitting temperatures that feel over 100º most of the year in Texas, I longgggg for that first cold front!! I would rather wear leggings and sweaters that are 2 sizes too big!! I feel like you can always put more layers on in the cold but you can’t take enough layers off in the summer! At least, you wouldn’t want me taking off too many layers! 😉

Now I’m ready to plan our trip to the pumpkin patch!!! What is your favorite season??



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  1. I love Summer!! I do adore Fall though. Seasons are so fun. Found you from Laura’s blogtober link up!

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    1. Yay!! Thank you so much for checking our page out!! I hope you love it!! I love getting my summer tan lol

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