My Dream Job When I was a Kid

This is always one of my favorite things seeing on those back to school signs, what little ones want to be when they grow up!! It’s so adorable seeing what they love and what they think of the role models around them!!

I always remember wanting to be a Dr or Nurse! I CANNOT handle the blood and guts though!! When I see someone else break a leg, it makes my leg hurt and me cringe! There is NO WAY I could’ve actually done it!! As I got older I wanted to work FOR a hospital! Be a part of their marketing or public relations team!! When I got out of college I stalked the local Children’s Hospital’s Career page until I found my job at a Convention and Arena!!

I LOVED my job as an Event Planner, putting on concerts, wedding, plays, and conventions!! I’ve said before, even 39 weeks pregnant I was putting on a carnival and couldn’t wait for 6 weeks of maternity leave to flyyyy by!! The moment I held my baby I knew I wasn’t going back!! As much as I loved what I was doing, I loved this precious baby more!! I was sooo fortunate to be able to stay home!!

I cannot get enough of my job now though!! I get to stay home with my child and do Marketing and PR for multiple companies around town!! Including Drs!! I’m seriously living my dream!! I’m getting to work with non profits too, make a difference! I get to do it all!!

When Penelope gets older and I for some reason need to find another job than the one I have, I would start stalking the Hospital’s Career Page again!!

FUN FACT though!!!! No one really knows this: If I had to go back and do college all over again and change my major, I’d go back to be a meteorologist!! I’m sooo fascinated by the weather!!!

What did you want to be when you were a kid??


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