Shows to Watch this Fall

After having Penelope I started loving tv shows! I was going to say I USED to be too busy to watch tv, HA I miss the days before a kid where I thought I was “too busy”!! But even with that, I have a new love of binge watching shows!! I have only kept up with about 2-3 shows but there are so many amazing looking shows coming out this fall!! I watch my shows after the baby is asleep and I’m trying to catch up on work and things around the house!! I love shows that are relatable, things that are funny, distract my mind from every day life, hit all the feelings!!! It’s a bonus if I can find a show or two that my husband will watch with me too!! Give us some time together! But I also LOVE shows where I can have my quiet mom time!! I don’t do shows that are suspenseful, scary, where I have to pay close attention, get my adrenaline going, etc!! When I have time to actually watch something I want to relax and enjoy a glass of wine!! Here are some of the shows I want to watch this Fall!!

P.S. I feel like the fall comes in in the following order: Football Kicks Off, Pumpkin Spice Latte Release, Fall TV Shows Premiere, and then everything comes after!! It’s another step closer to cold fronts, pumpkin patches, and all of the holidays!! BTW HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE FALL!?!?!!!!!!

These are the Shows I’ve been keeping up with:

Grey’s Anatomy Premieres Thursday, Sept. 27!! I have 2 of my best friends coming over Thursday Night for Dinner, Wine, && Custom Grey’s Anatomy Cookies made by my SIL for the premiere showing!!! I can’t wait!! I know people have strong feelings about either loving or being totally over this show! Stick with me on the rest of this list!! I’ve had my up and down moments with this show, but I’ve watched it from the beginning so I’m stuck! This past season got incredible AGAIN!! So much going on!!! It’s like my holding on to my high school and college days!! lol Keeps me young and I’ve grown with it!! I can’t let go!!!!!

Station 19 Premieres Thursday, Oct. 4!! This show started last season and it was a great first season!! I’m excited to see what is coming next!!

This Is Us Premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25!! I can’t watch a single episode without CRYING!!!! Heck, the preview alone made me cry!! DON’T JUDGE!!!

American Housewife Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26!! This is #MOMGOALS!! Lol She is hilarious and makes motherhood not seem so ridiculous in real life!!

Here are the New Shows I really want to see!! 

New Amsterdam: Inspired by a true story! Premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25!! This seems like another feel good show that I could love!! PLUS My SIL is interested in it too!! So I’ll have someone to watch it with and talk about it to!!

I Feel Bad Premieres Thursday, Oct. 4!! This Show looks hilarious and like one that will be so relatable as a mom!!

A Million Little Things Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26!! If it’s anything like This Is Us, which it reminds me of a lot from the previews! (The feel good/make you want to be a better person/friend etc!!) I’ll need to invest in a good waterproof mascara this fall!! lol

Single Parents Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26!! As you can see I love Parenting shows now!! lol This one seems so funny!


**Edited to Add:

Manifest Premiered Monday, Sept 24!! As I told you earlier, I don’t do suspenseful shows! So when I saw the previews I didn’t think twice about watching this! My SIL called me on Tuesday and asked if I watched it. I told her ehhh no I didn’t. Next thing I know, I’m watching to see why she said I should!! IT’S AMAZING!!! It’s not what I thought at all!! After the first episode I’m hooked and ready to see what happened to them and what all they are going to do after this incident!! I highly recommend adding this to YOUR Must Watch List!!!

Here is the Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween Schedule for October too!! They are doing a full 31 Days up to Halloween instead of JUST the 13 days!! This year just got better!!!! If you want to know what I’m doing in October, just reference this!! 😉 The whole family can watch these together!!! 

Image result for freeform 31 nights of halloween 2018

What are you watching this Fall?? What are your FAVORITE Tv Shows?? What else are you looking forward to this fall?? Pumpkin Patches? Trick or Treating?? Share it all with me!!


I do not own any of the videos in this post! All names of shows are linked directly to their Facebook Pages so you can get more information. The Preview Videos are direct video links inserted from their Facebook Pages!! Check them out for more!!

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