Penelope’s Fresh 48 Photo Session

BAYYYY FEVERRR!! My goodness where did my precious, tiny baby go!?! Here are the amazing photos my Sister In Law took for Penelope’s Fresh 48 Hospital Photoshoot!!

I swore I wouldn’t be one of those crazy hormonal new moms! That didn’t last long!! My mom and husband were in the room with me during delivery! As soon as we get situated, my mom went out to waiting room to tell everyone we have a healthy baby girl!! I made her swearrrrr she wouldn’t show a single photo and they had to wait to come see her in person!! As soon as all of the family walked in the room I flipped again saying don’t share a single photo until I do! lol Like I said, my crazy hormonal new mom thing didn’t last long! I gave my mom permission to post that mom and baby are healthy and doing great but no photos until I share!! Penelope was born at 11:53pm and I didn’t share anytingggggg until the next afternoon!! Everyone was begging for photos!! We wanted to just snuggle and enjoy the moment for a little bit!

We finally shared this photo on Facebook as the announcement! Our wedding theme was Best Day Ever, so it only seemed fitting!! She was our new best day ever!!


Here are the photos my SIL came up to the hospital to capture for us!! I went back and forth if this was really necessary, Fresh 48 photos, but my goodness, I would’ve regretted it if not!! I love having these memories taken and be able to look back at her tiny brand new features!! Having the moment we became a family of 3 captured!!

Remember our maternity photos?? My husband acting like my belly was a football? *insert eye roll* Here he is with his baby football!!

Look how tiny she was!!!

She was soooo chunky!!! I loved her cheeks for daysssss!!

Did you have a Fresh 48 Photo Session for your newborn??



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