Penelope’s Newborn Photoshoot

Here is our LAST Post in our Life Before the Blog Series!!! Penelope’s Newborn Photoshoots!! MAJOR BABY FEVER looking at these!!! This tiny little baby is now a Sassy Snack Obsessed 1 and a Half Year Old!! It goes by so fast!! Posting all of these for fun and a little inspiration of ideas if you are looking to do a Newborn Photoshoot!!

My SIL that took our Maternity Photos came over a few days after P was born and captured these for us!!

One of our closest family friends that took Penelope’s One Year Photos took these for us!!!

My goodness I miss this stage!!! Now that we have caught up on some of our lives biggest moments before we started Mama’s Cold Coffee, I’m so excited for everything to come!! We will be sharing so many fun recipes, crafts, party ideas and more for the holidays coming up!! We will start diving into our I’ve Done Something Platform WAY MORE too!! NEXT MONTH, October 13th is our 1 Year Anniversary of our blog too!!! Watch out for some fun things we have planned!!! I’m here for all of your family and parenting needs!!!



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