My Gender Reveal & Baby Showers

Let’s Continue our LIFE BEFORE THE BLOG Series!! We went over all of our Wedding Fun the past few weeks!! Let’s fast forward a few months! Yes, it happened that quickly!! I shared about the 39 Weeks of Baby Bumps and My Birth Story in a Blogging Challenge!! Today we are going to cover Our Gender Reveal && My Baby Showers!!!

Every year my husband and I throw a Friendsgiving Party!! We found out the Gender of our baby the WEEK of the party, so it only seemed like the perfect time to announce!! I don’t do well with surprises AT ALL!! So my husband and I found out at our Dr’s appointment and surprised everyone else!!

I got my nails done before the appointment!!

We did a teaser post on FB the day we found out!!

To stick with our Friendsgiving Theme, we did Waddle It Be?!

We hid a bunch of pumpkins around the house and told our friends and family to pick up the nearest pumpkin and shout out the gender!! On the bottom of the pumpkins I painted little pink squares! I painted multiple pumpkins so everyone would shout it out together! Before I could finish explaining how it would work my Mother In Law picked up a pumpkin and yelled “IT’S A GIRL!!!” lol Everyone laughed and got so excited!!!!

To continue with our Thanksgiving Fun!! My Family does their Family Reunion at Thanksgiving since we live all over the United States. I knew everyone wouldn’t be able to make it down closer to our due date for a baby shower so my grandmother threw up the most precious little book shower!! All of my family bought Miss P books and signed the insides so when we do story time, we have little notes from our family all over!!

The rest of the holidays pass and my work surprised me with a baby shower luncheon!! Gah, I miss my coworkers now!!

They made everything pink for our little girl!! We even got the Letter P as our meal letter so they knew which table to bring everything to! I thought it was too perfect!!

My Mother In Law and Sister In Laws threw me a gorgeous Baby Shower with my husband’s side of the family when I was about 30 weeks pregnant! I asked if we could do the shower a little earlier than usual because I was considered high risk my entire pregnancy. I didn’t want to risk being put on bed rest or delivering before getting to set everything up and be ready!!

I loved how they made diaper bouquets!! It was a super girly shower that went with the theme of her nursery so I was able to use some of the decor again! I LOVED IT!!

The details they put into everything was amazing!!!

My Sister In Law that has her own Bake Shop made this naked cake for me!! I’m not a huge fan of icing and I had to be careful with my intake of sugar so this could not have been more perfect!!

While all of the girls had a blast at the Baby Shower, all of the men, the other halfs, had a diaper party for dad!! After both of our parties we met back at my In Laws house to hang out with everyone that came into town!!

I was lucky to get any of these photos! lol I had to beg them to take a few photos for P’s Baby Book!! You know how guys are!! I just have to say, we’ve had to buy a few random small packages in different sizes but we literally JUST finished our last box of diapers from this party!! We made it 17 months!!

33 Weeks!!! My side of the family and our family friends got together for a baby shower!!

I absolutely loved this and the sentiment behind it!! The family friend that hosted this shower was one of the same ladies that hosted my bridal shower!!! It was incredible!!!

There is no doubt or question that Penelope and I were completely spoiled and that this little girl was loved beyond measure BEFORE she was even born!!!!

I’d love to hear about your baby shower!!!! What did you absolutely LOVE about it?? Did you love playing games, opening all of the precious baby clothes? Please share!!

Next Tuesday we will see Penelope’s Fresh 48 Photoshoot!!


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