DIY Bow & Jewelry Shelf

Penelope has worn a bow every day of her life! I can’t stop buying more either! It’s known that I have a problem!! I had all of her bows in a bin on a shelf in her room! Another day of digging for that ONE bow in the over hundred that she has, I finally gave up and said I need to find a way to organize these!!! I looked everywhere online and the holders didn’t hold as many bows as I had! They were expensive! I needed something for her jewelry too!! Soooo I made my own!!


I had this shelf at the top of my closet to help organize my purses and bags!! It’s time for a DIY make over!!!!

You can get one of these shelves at Target or Walmart!! I also got a Lazy Susan Type Turntable, Command Hooks, some cute ribbon, hot glue gun and I was ready!!

I had my husband screw the turntable into the bottom of the shelf!

Then I hot glued the ribbon to the top corner of the shelf! I thought about gluing it at the bottom but decided to leave it loose so it was easier to clip the bows on! The weight of the bows holds it down anyways!

This shelf had enough room for 3 strips of ribbon! Make sure to leave enough room between the next piece of ribbon so that there is room for the bows! I’ve made that mistake before in the past and the bows over lapped and it defeats the purpose of being able to see the bows and easily grab them!

I already nailed the backing of this shelf on when I bought it forever ago! So I added a little bit of ribbon for extra bows on the back! You can leave it open for easy access for more jewelry (as you’ll see below)!!

Now do the same thing on the other side of the shelf!

I took the command hooks and placed them on the under side of the shelf! So you can hang your necklaces on the hook! I put 3 along the side of the shelf and off set the ones of the top! Make it easy to see them all and grab the one you need without knocking all of the others off!!

I had a little decorative dish to put her bracelets in on the second shelf! I added a few command hooks along the side of the middle shelf for more necklaces!

I grabbed a square storage box from Target to put on the bottom to put some of her headbands in! There wasn’t room to hang those on this shelf too! lol I told you I have a problem!!

Ta Da!!! Penelope approved of it!! Plus is was SUPER easy to make!!!

P.S. See that clip on her shorts?? You can find our blog post about that device HERE!!!

Bonus: Headband Holder Idea: I got these Pant Hangers from Target!! They hold P’s headbands perfectly!!! Hang them in the closet out of the way or on the side of the dresser!! Find a cute hanger like Penelope’s elephant one in the photos to hang them up in the room on!! Makes it so easy to see all of them && grab the one I need!!

How do you display your daughter’s bows and necklaces?? I’d love to see your ideas!!!


Until next time,


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