Ring Doorbell

Between our busy coming and going schedule, having a little one, receiving packages, and all of the crazies out there these days, you can’t be too safe!! As soon as we moved I told my husband I wanted a home security system!! We NEEDED one!! I looked and looked and one of my favorites is Ring Doorbell! It has made me feel SO much safer when we are and even aren’t home!!

Ring Doorbell is a video doorbell! We got ours on Amazon! As you see, it works with the wiring of your doorbell or the battery can be charged and used without attaching it to your home wiring!

It comes with EVERYTHING you need to instal it!! Making it super easy!!

It works with an app on your phone! You can give someone your password so they can watch out for you too! My husband has the app and it’s connected to his phone!

Watch over your home in clear HD video, even the night vision is crystal clear!! You get instant alerts when visitors press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors! You control the distance and areas of the motion sensors! You can see, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone! It has a Live View so you can check-in on your property at any time. It works with Alexa for voice control if you have one! PLUS it has a lifetime theft protection!!! If your doorbell gets stolen, they replace it, for free!

You can get one for each door in your home, they also have home cameras to put in the backyard, over the garage or anywhere else with motion sensors so you can keep a full view of your home!! They have alarms and voice activation on those floodlights too!!

There are also alarms for your windows! If they get broken or opened! This is perfect if you have teenagers too 😉 No sneaking out either!! lol

There are different face finishes for the doorbells so that it matches your home perfectly! Choose from Venetian Bronze, Polished Brass, Antique Brass or Satin Nickel!

You can connect and share footage with others in your neighborhood to help keep each other informed and safe!

You can even go back and see footage from the past!!

We absolutely have a peace of mind with the Ring Doorbell keeping an eye on our home! We can see when our family members are coming and going for safety, we can see who is walking around our home and even check to make sure no one steals packages from our front door! As you all know, my biggest push is for safety of our littles and family!! With all of the crazy going on in the world, I believe every little thing can help && having this video surveillance of our home is a BIG help!!

Thank you RING!!!

Until next time,


**I am an Amazon Affiliate, if you purchase using my link I may receive a commission. It does not affect your cost at all and I would highly praise this item even without the affiliate link!!

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