A Superhero 3rd Birthday Party!!

This weekend we celebrated Penelope’s Godparent’s Son’s 3rd Birthday!! Say that 10x fast! 😉 It was absolutely SUPER!!! His mama told me he didn’t want to be 3! He wanted to stay 2! So we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of his 2nd Birthday! lol I love the crazy things littles say && do!! He loves his Super Heroes so his mama planned him the cutest Super Hero Party!! Thinking of planning your own Super Hero Party? See some amazing ideas below!!!

She ordered the hanging decorations, the Happy Birthday Letter Balloons, Table Cloth, and Sparkly Table Runner from Amazon! The Super Powers Sign is from Hobby Lobby && the Tassel Banner is from Target! Scroll down for more of the details!

The Superhero Story Book was used as the Guest Book!

I loved the balloons tied to his Superhero Figurines!!! Such an adorable added touch!!

She even had a Photo Booth with Balloon Towers!!! She bought the kit to make these off of Amazon too!!

Penelope && Her Godmother!!


What kid party doesn’t have a Piñata!? It’s always the HIT of the party! 😉 Ok, sorry, that was too easy though!!

Happy Birthdayyy toooo YOU!!!!

She even created a SnapChat filter for the party!!

His mama did such an incredible job on his party!! We had a SUPER fun time!!

Have you planned a Super Hero Party before? Share some of your ideas with us!!!

Until the next party,



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