Make Your Own ABC & Numbers Signs!

CRAFT DAY!!! We debated back and forth if we wanted to really do this, but we turned our dining room into a playroom for our little one!! She always wants to be in the living room with us playing with her toys! So now she has a place to play near us, making it easier for us to keep an eye on her too!! I wanted her playroom to still match our home still though!! So I made some Alphabet && Letter Farmhouse Signs!! Here are the EASY step by steps to make your own!!

I bought 2 blank wooden signs, a rough bristle paint brush, white and dark brown paint and the Alphabet Stickers all from Hobby Lobby!!

Paint the back of the sign white! I used a rough bristled brush and didn’t paint it all in to give it a distressed look to match our farmhouse look!

Paint the edge dark brown, so it looks like a wooden border! I again, didn’t paint it all in and left the distressed look!

Measure your board and how many letters you’re adding so you can space them out evenly!! See it really it THAT easy!!!

I paired them with some giant flowers and placed them over the shelf with all of her toys!!

Find fun shaped boards, paint these colors to match your child’s room and use different font, sized, and colored letters and numbers to make them YOURS!!!

If you make anything like these, I’d love to see them!! Please share with us!!

Until next time,


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