I have an obsession with Sippy Cups && we found a new cup that we absolutely love!! Baby && Mama!!!

Herobility is a Swedish company, making innovative products that make life easier for babies and parents alike. Herobility means something along the lines of ”being a hero”, a reference to parents and babies both being real heroes. That’s why the logo is a hero mask!

Herobility is a sister company of SmartShake. Since 2009 they’ve been revolutionizing the fitness market in over 90 countries with their smart shakers and water bottles.
SmartShake has been named one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies and export company of the year by Swedish magazine Dagens Industri!!

We ordered 2 of the HeroBottles && a HeroSippy!!

HeroBottle has a soft ergonomic nipple with a breastlike shape, accepted by 97% of babies. The unique patent pending design makes the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding easier, and reduces colic and spill. Developed by parents, approved by babies!

HeroSippy makes it easy and fun to learn to drink from a cup! All of our products are free from BPA and phthalates. New and improved features make HeroSippy easier to use for your baby.  It doesn’t leak, and it’s easy to hold.


HeroStorage makes it easier to bring formula, food, or snacks on your day out.
The leak proof container safely stores formula, breastmilk, snacks, baby food, and more. The container is also microwave and freezer proof. Each container holds 100 ml, or one large portion of formula. Bring more than one by attaching them to each other, and to the bottom of a HeroBottle or HeroSippy.

The traditional way of mixing formula is done by covering the opening of the nipple and shaking the bottle. This often results in spills, messes, and lumps in the nipple. Sometimes it causes a complete stoppage, making the baby swallow air. HeroBottle is different!

The unique Mixer Lid from Herobility makes mixing easier by transforming your baby  bottle into a shaker. In coordination with the Mixer Net the Mixer Lid revolutionizes mixing formula, with no lumps and no mess. The Mixer Lid also protects the teat when transporting the bottle.

Ergonomic grip.
Thanks to the two ergonomic gripping surfaces, the bottle is easy and comfortable to hold, both for big or little hands.

All of their HeroBottles & HeroSippy Cups come in multiple bright fun colors!! They have Pacifiers and Starter Packs too!!

Even my husband said, he wishes we would have found these when Penelope was smaller!! She has loved using these since we got them! We may have to stock up on a few more!! Or I’m going to have to dishes A LOT more often! lol

Until next time,


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