Beginner Swim Lessons At Home (Age 6m-2yrs)

We started taking Penelope to Swim Lessons at 14 months. I know she isn’t going to start learning the Breaststroke but this age is perfect to start on water safety! Especially with Penelope loving water SO much, I don’t want an accident happening!! I have friends that would love to do swim lessons but are not able to for multiple reasons. I am a strong believer in getting the information, being aware and prepared and teaching safety to your littles; so I am going to share what we learn everyday so you can do this at home yourself!! This is a 2 week class, 15 minutes a day, teaching your littles to get comfortable in the water!!

Day 1: Today is a light day, you want to get your baby comfortable in the water. 1. First, Walk a lap or 2 holding baby on their belly, head out of the water. If baby is not comfortable with that or tries fighting you, give them a bath toy that distracts them to play with while doing this. Something small that fits in their hand. 2. Now, If 6 months to closer to 1 year -> Bob them in and out of the water. Count 1 – 2 – 3. On 1 – 2 only dip them to about their waist and on 3 bob them down to their shoulders/neck. It helps them gasp for air and helps them learn to hold their breath. Do this repeatedly. They will start expecting it but it won’t traumatize them bobbing them up to their neck every time. If they are about 15 months to 2 yrs -> Show them how to blow bubbles in the water. Teaches them to breath out when under water and not in. Do both of these steps 2-3 times today and then call it a day!

{Today, Penelope LOVED me blowing bubbles so she grabbed a huge chunk of my hair on the top of my head and kept pushing my face in the water to blow bubbles for her! Thanks for trying to drown me kid ;)}

Day 2: Do a warm up of the 2 steps we did yesterday! Today we are working on getting the littles comfortable with putting their ears in the water. Start with lowering them to get comfortable with their chins in the water and tilt their head until their cheeks touches the water. Make a game of it or something! Work your way until their ears are in the water. Doesn’t mean dunking their heads, have them lay on their backs or tilt them sideways! When under water their ears feel different, the sounds in the water are different! We are working on getting them comfortable with all of these new elements!

{Today, Penelope did not want to be woken up for swim lessons (about 3 hours earlier than she normally wakes up) and pretty much cried the WHOLE time! Let’s hope tomorrow goes better!!}

Day 3: Do your warm up of working on the things we did the past 2 days! Learning is all about the repetition!! Today we worked on sitting on the edge of the pool and sliding in! Try bribing them with toys to reach for them to fall in the pool if needed. Make sure to catch them! We are not at the point of putting face in the water. If they catch onto that quickly, have them stand and work on jumping into the pool! We want them to get comfortable with them water!!

Day 4: Warm up!! Today we are learning to hold onto the edge of the pool! Place a toy on the edge to teach them to walk along the edge! If they catch onto that quickly, work on pulling themselves up out of the pool on the edge! IF they catch onto THAT quickly, hold a toy under the water so they have to reach under the water to grab the toy. Start off close the surface of the water and work your way down farther!

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Water Tips and Safety: 

  • If at the pool with another adult and multiple children, designate 1 person to be looking at the child in the pool the whole time, obviously taking turns! May seem excessive, but it literally takes a second for a child to slip and fall and potentially drown. You don’t need to be looking at each other to talk, if you get up to grab something, have someone watching at all times!
  • Even with floaties, have someone watching. Children can get a false sense of confidence with them on.


Until tomorrow,





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