Summer Activities At Home

Now that Summer is fully upon us!!!! Let’s have some fun with our Toddlers!! Make sure to check out your local groups and Facebook pages to see what fun summer events your city is holding!! Ours has these fun Picnic Outdoor Movie Nights where they play Disney movies every Friday night! Barnes && Noble has Story Time for littles on Saturday mornings!! Just ask around!! However, these are all fun ideas I’ve found on Pinterest to do at home with your Toddlers this summer!! (Click on the photos to be taken to the direct link!! I’m all about giving credit where it’s due!! Supporting other Mama’s with great ideas!!! I’m just putting them all in one place for you!!) None of this includes Technology!! Win-Win!!

Blow Up Balloons! All different sizes! Let them run wild with them!!! Show them how to bounce them, kick them or even play balloon tennis! Try putting a Pool Noodle between two chairs and play Balloon Volleyball! I put Penelope in her crib and filled it with balloons and she laughed so hard throwing them out of the crib and just playing with them! They are so light that they can’t break much! 😉 (Supervise them so they don’t bite, pop, and possibly inhale the balloon!!!!!)


Simple balloon tennis game for a quick energy buster. Balloon tennis makes a great indoor gross motor play idea. Balloons are always a hit with kids.

Indoor volleyball. Pool noodle tucked in chairs, balloon. Enjoy!

Have a Color Scavenger Hunt!! They can find anything in the house or yard that matches the colors you provide!

This simple color scavenger hunt for kids is unbelievably easy to throw together last minute and the kids have fun with it every single year. Great outdoor activity for kids, summer activity for kids, kids camping activity, color learning activity, and preschool color activity.

Or have a Regular Scavenger Hunt!

Simple Image Bordered Spring Break Promotion Facebook Post

Muddy Trucks & then a Car Wash!! Let them get messy! What kid doesn’t love that!! && Then make a car wash to get them to clean everything up, including themselves!!!

Muddy Trucks and Car Wash: An easy outdoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers; summer activity; mud play; messy sensory activity

Make Paper Airplanes && Try to get them through the holes for points!!

37 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Winter

Perfect for those hot days!! Water Balloon Piñata!!

40+ DIY Summer Activities for Kids                                                                                                                                                      More

Who doesn’t love a Nerf Gun Target Game!? You could set up soda cans outside too! Any light item would be perfect as a target!!

Knock the Balls Down! Nerf Target Game

Make even breakfast fun over the summer! Have the kids work for their donuts for breakfast!!! 

Stringed Donut Games - Bobbing for Donuts is the Perfect Confectionary Treat for Kids (GALLERY)

Time to get the chalk out! Make some fun activities to keep them active outside!!

10 Sidewalk Chalk Ideas That’ll Keep Kids Enterained for Hours

Have them find rocks and paint them to play Tic Tac Toe! Find sticks to make the # board too!

DIY Tic Tac Toe Game For Summer Gatherings

Help them build a Lemonade Stand, make some lemonade and see if they can make any money! Go get some Ice Cream with the money they make!!

How to make the perfect lemonade stand for your kids

Here is a great Team Building Game && a way to beat the heat!!! If the kids have friends over see what team can keep the most water by the last person!


Keep their brains going this summer! Set rewards after every 25 books or an even bigger prize after 50 books! Love this chart as a visual for them!!

Reading Chart Free Printable: 100 Books of Summer. Help your kids keep track of how many books they read over the summer! #summer #reading #freeprintable

Get lots of use out of the blow up pool! Whether during the day for a picnic or at night to star gaze!!!

IZZE Two-Step #10—It's showtime! Cozy up for a backyard movie night with this kiddie pool #DIY.

10 ideas for some family fun after the sun goes down. These are perfect for a summer night together.

Have a Water Gun Fight!!! Don’t forget a quick relief station!!

We don't care how old you are. You can still squirt people with squirt guns from your Squirt Gun Station.

Make Ice Cream in a Bag!!! The kids toss the bag around, make it a game and then they get a snack!

Summer Fun- Ice Cream in a Bag ~ This is a great activity to do with kids and it is a great project for states of matter science.  Perfect end of the year activity.

Who doesn’t love Bowling!?

How to make glow in the dark bowling pins from pop bottles for nightime bowling

Make Colored Ice the night before and then let them Paint outside with their Ice!!

Painting With Ice - Make Your own Ice Paint - Easy Peasy and Fun

Target Practice with Colored Water Guns!! 

Have a BLAST with this fun outdoor activity for kids! My boys loved Painting with Water Guns while aiming at a target. It's the perfect summertime camping game, party game, or kids' summer camp activity!

What are some of the fun activities you do with your kids at home over the summer? Have a great idea? Reach out and we would LOVE to feature your idea && Blog link with it too!!

Stay Cool!!!







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