About Me

Hello!!! Through my stories and posts you will learn who I am now && who I am becoming as a mom!! I definitely believe this little girl of mine is making me a whole new person!!

But here are few little fun details about me:

I went to Texas Tech University but graduated from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. I LOVE College Football && I cheer on the Red Raiders (TTU)!! My husband is a huge University of Texas fan! Yes, Saturday’s in our house are competitive in the fall!!


I met my husband out dancing!! He is incredible && puts up with all of my cheesy-ness!! We went on a week long cruise for our honeymoon! Hands down, our favorite trip ever!! We got pregnant with our daughter a few months after our wedding!
We’ve been together for 6 years now!!

12920312-10208837390749849-2056317469444770412-n_orig    12931251-10208960196179908-6459268395621511223-n_orig   14021529-10210138139467754-88080531062053317-n_orig

My FAVORITE movie of all time is ELF! Year Round!! I am OBSESSED with Christmas!​OBSESSED is an understatement with Christmas!

12345576-10207997667397290-5640836110575036207-n_1_origI was an Event Coordinator for an Arena/Convention/Theatre Building! It was my Dream Job!! I got to plan weddings, conventions for thousands, even concerts for huge artists like Dolly Parton. My favorite memory though was getting to go in before a circus started and getting to meet and feed the elephants apples!! FAVORITE Animal is for sure: Elephants!!!!​ She loved my pregnant belly! lol



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