The Worst Pain I’ve Ever Experienced: My Birth Story #BloggingChallenge

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I have broken my arm while bending another bone at the same time, had it wrapped and played a soccer game the next morning just from walking down the street! I have tripped and landed on my knee cap, knocking my knee cap out of place and tearing all of the cartilage in my knee! Another year I did a flip and landed on my ankle sideways and broke it! I’ve dropped a glass bowl and it broke on the edge of the counter and it sliced my leg and I had to get multiple stitches! This list goes on! I’m a very clumsy person!

Disclaimer: If you are pregnant or planning on having a baby for the first time, you might not want to read this!

The worst pain I have ever been in though was giving birth! I had to get induced because of health factors for baby and myself! I went in at 6pm to start the meds and get my water broken! By morning I started having back labor! From the time I busted my knee I messed up my sciatic nerve which was not helping at this moment! The induction meds were causing me to have contractions off the charts at 2-3cm and happening back to back that the nurses said it looked like I was in active labor! They had to slow the meds down but then we worried about not opening fast enough! I couldn’t even stand I was in so much pain! I couldn’t get comfortable on my back and laying on my side messed with the sensors and the baby! My mom found these hand sized stuffed animals in the gift shop and I used them at stress balls! They had me lay halfway on my side with pillows propping me on that side and put one of those big exercise balls between my legs and I could literally feel my down there opening! I wasn’t even crying and I had tears in my eyes from the pain! They gave me an epidural at 3cm. Hours pass, all I can do is lay in bed in the worst pain of my life! I finally get to 10cm at 930pm! We started pushing! Over 2 hours later! Yes, over 2 hours of pushing! Penelope was finally delivered at 11:53pm! 30 hours of labor! During pushing we tried about 5-6 different ways to push, from me pulling on a towel with one of the nurses to using the bar! I will admit at about 1 1/2 hours I finally stopped pushing and said I can’t do this anymore! I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten, I can’t feel anything from my neck down, yet somehow my whole body hurts and there is no possible way I can push any harder!! She’s never going to come out! My nurses were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!! They kept distracting me! My mom and husband were there and kept the ice coming and a cool rag on my forehead! I seriously couldn’t have done it without ANY of them!! After delivery because it had been so long since I got the epidural and update on pain meds, I could feel the dr stitching me back up and he had to stop to numb me again. I couldn’t even stand until the next morning! I delivered at midnight so the cafeteria was closed and there wasn’t anywhere around to get food! I couldn’t eat until the next morning! I was starvingggg!! My SIL asked to come see Penelope first thing the next morning, I told her only if she brought food! lol

I’m telling you all of this because even after delivery, the weeks of recovery afterwards, the postpartum hormones and depression! I honestly CANNOT wait to get pregnant and have another baby!!! Yes I remember how much I hated my Labor and am sooo jealous of the moms that go in and pop a baby out like nothing! (You know you’ve heard these moms say how easy labor was!!) But you forget JUST how terrible it was! It’s totally worth it for that tiny newborn! Those baby snuggles! When your baby smiles at you and says mama for the first time! The amount of love I have for this little girl is unbelievable! I can only imagine how much love there would be with another one!!

I just hope I don’t have to be induced with the next one!! That back labor thoughhhhh

I will be sharing my thoughts about having a 2nd baby here in a few weeks!! 😉

You may have noticed, if you are keeping up with the Blog Challenge we are doing, that our numbers started skipping here at the end! This is actually our last challenge too! The days that are missing were Blog Webpage Update days!! Such as, we added a Privacy Policy to our website!! Check it out here!! Mama Of Kings did an incredible job with this Challenge!! Thank you if you are reading this!!!

What’s the worst pain you’ve felt?

Until next time,


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