A Mother’s View on 13 Reasons Why

First of all, I feel old suddenly, putting “A Mother’s View”!! I always looked up to moms as being older and all grown up and now here I am and totally don’t feel that way! Lol

Back on track, don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers and plan on watching it!! At the same time, if you haven’t seen the show, this may not all make sense to you!

After watching Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, I thought, ya she was a little dramatic but hey everyone takes things differently! I’m sure there would be more to the story if this were real life but you can only fit so much into an hour long episode! Well sure enough, there definitely was more to the story! And as we are told growing up, there’s more than one side to every story. I may skip around a little bit so just bare with me. I just finished the last episode of the 2nd season last night.

Bryce, the boy who raped all of those girls got off with practically nothing! I honestly do not understand why his girlfriend stayed with him either? GIRLS, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY WITH THAT GUY!!! Even if you’re pregnant!! How can you expect girls to speak up when they are sexually assaulted when literally every adult in the show other than Jessica’s parents blew it off like nothing!? The judge and all! Makes me sick!

I loved when Sherri said: Girls don’t put themselves in the wrong situations, guys make the situations bad! As a girl who has been sexual assaulted, I have repeatedly told myself, I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation. Even though it wasn’t a bad situation to start with!! It was incredible hearing it from that perspective!! That is definitely something I love about this show, it brings up the topics from so many different perspectives! Helps you relate or understand one way or another! It honestly helped me put my situation at ease after so many years!

This 2nd season makes me so mad with the legal system. Someone please tell me, is that really how it is in court?! Let them finish explaining themselves before cutting them off! It’s twisted to only hear exactly what they want! That was the problem with this to start with! Adults NOT LISTENING to what the students had to say!!!

This show makes me nervous to send Penelope to school! Especially because of the finale! After all of the school shootings lately, I saw this coming! I hate how they had Clay be the “hero” and run out there and try to stop him! That’s what I’ve been hearing from all parents in real life, telling their kids not to try being the hero! Protect yourself!! It’s so sad that Tyler felt like killing others was the solution to fixing everything! How is killing innocent people make up for the few that hurt him!?

After Tyler was abused by the other students in the bathroom, I hate that he couldn’t go tell an adult! After nothing being done to anyone else for the wrong they had done, what do adults expect though!? I am 100% not saying that it’s OK or that what they are doing is the solution to the problems; but it completely makes sense as to why the students are doing the things they are and trying to take matters into their own hands. The adults around them are not taking them seriously or doing anything about the issues!

After all of the heat that Season 1 received, that it was glamorizing suicide and all, I was hoping this 2nd season would help show that suicide is a terrible option and that punishments would be given to Bryce and the others that have done something wrong! However, I feel like it just added more drama and gave students more horrible ideas! From being extremely disrespectful to their parents to that they will get away with whatever terrible things they do! I don’t believe this is a show for anyone in High School or younger to watch! I do believe that it is great for parents though! To see what is going on and signs to watch out for!! It helped me understand where these kids are coming from, things I need to watch for and ways to handle different situations when my little one gets older!

I feel like the associations and groups that are attacking the show and demanding they take the show down are just contributing to the problem! As horrible as these topics are, they need to be addressed! Ignoring them, hiding them, and not discussing them is one of the reasons it keeps happening! Don’t be a naive parent! As you see from the show, WAY MORE is happening in their lives than we actually know about! Don’t lie, how much did you have going on in your life that YOUR parents didn’t know about!? I do believe as a parent, if you let your child watch this show or not, that you should have a talk with them! We need to start talking to our children, no matter how uncomfortable it is! Not that you need to explain yourself, but to an extent, it could help! So many times I just thought my mom was being controlling and mean, sure enough once I was out of that teenager mindset I realized how hard she was trying to protect me! Instead of understanding it, it just made me want to hide more though. I know that sounds terrible but students are doing it already today! Using SnapChat to text because you can’t see past messages, they know their parents can read their messages online through the cell phone company! You can’t even see who your kids are communicating with, much less what horrible things could be being said to them or by them!

So to sum it up!! Talk with your kids! Pay attention to everything! The world we live in is a crazy one and with technology and social media growing the way it is, it’s only going to get worse!

What are your thoughts on this show?

I am open to YOUR opinions on this show, this is a safe place to talk! I will not approve anyone’s comments on this post that are outright hateful or rude though! We are adults discussing something! I would love to hear your thoughts, expand my horizons and see things from other perspectives! I do not have a teenage child so obviously my thoughts are a little different than a parent who has an older student in these situations! Let’s be nice and show our children the right example!


Until next time,


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  1. kellydinh13 says:

    About Bryce, I think he got away with his crime because of lacking evidences. He raped Hannah but there was no witness (or no one dared to testify against him). He confessed but the tape was not the strong evidence. We know Bryce is bad because we can see all things that he has done. The juries only spend one fine morning to hear his testimony. I don’t know why he only got 3-month probation for what he did to Jessica. I don’t know much about U.S. legal system. I wonder if Bryce knows what he did to girls is called “rape”. He gets used to drug and alcohol, sex is inevitable in those parties. He did what he did because he just took advantage of drunk and high girls. Those girls will forget everything. It seems nothing ever happened. He went too far.

    Remember when Clay’s father asked him why children keep secret from their parents. I think it’s because parents usually overreact or make things seriously. It’s better to keep silent and solve things in our own ways. Parents always build role models and they want their offspring live up to those. If a child has done anything wrong which means “shame” in parents’ definition, there will be lies to cover up. I think we should nurture an environment in which we openly accept the truth, not run from it.

    You’re right, technology and social media growth will make it worse. But each teenager must learn to protect themselves from substance abuse, alcohol,… After all, they are held responsible for what they have done.

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