Screen Time for Littles

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This is a pretty heated topic!! I will completely admit that before I had a baby I said I wouldn’t let my little one watch tv, play on our phones, or have their own tablets! Ha! I wish I had a dollar every time I said I wouldn’t do something as a parent that I actually do now! I’d be rich!!! lol

I do believe that there are different stipulations to screen time depending on the age and situation!! I put Disney movies on for Penelope in the background while she is playing! She stops and looks at the screen here and there but mostly plays! It’s more for background noise! I’ve also handed her my phone in a restaurant! It’s not because I’m not giving her attention or anything of the sort! We talk and play with her but sometimes she is restless if we’ve had a long day! Sometimes we are at a networking/meeting luncheon and she needs a little extra distraction! It’s always Disney movies or learning children shows! She also has an Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet that my parents got her! We downloaded a handful of books on it and she loves scrolling through the photos and pages of books! I am a work from home mom and attend multiple meetings a week with her! It’s nice to have something that helps keep her entertained during these meetings! As soon as the meeting is over we put screen time up completely and interact with her!

If you see parents out at dinner and their littles are watching a phone. Don’t judge those parents! That might be the only moment of the day where they get to have an adult conversation! The only moment the child isn’t screaming and climbing all over them! It could be the first dinner they’ve had together in days! My point, you don’t know whyyyy that kid is on the phone! It might be for YOU!! We as parent’s actually realize that you are out trying to enjoy your dinner too and don’t want to listen to our screaming child! They could’ve been perfect angels before walking in the door and we didn’t know they were going to freak out! Just please don’t judge those parents!!!

What are your thoughts on Screen Time? How do you handle the growing technology world our kids are growing up in? I’d love to hear your take! I know as Penelope grows we will have to reevaluate our routine of screen time!

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  1. hippiepoints says:

    I was also “no screen time!” But then I had an actual kid! LOL! She gets the tablet in the morning while we are getting ready and after 5pm until dinner, 7-730pm. Not in the car, unless is more than two hours, and definitely at restaurants!

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