A Photo of my Happiest Moment!

I have a million photos to pick from that was a happy moment, however, no moment has ever compared to this one!!

This moment happened the night we had our baby in the hospital! Obviously I knew I had a baby coming, we were SOOOO excited all 10 months gearing up to be parents! I knew how much pain I was in and KNEW I pushed that baby out, making me a mom! After all of the commotion, being cleaned up, transferred to a new room, nurses coming in and out checking on me and the baby, it was all a whirlwind! I even did skin on skin immediately and tried breast feeding, she latched perfectly! I’m telling you all of this so you see how much this moment meant!

All of this happened and it wasn’t until everything settled down, it was about 3am and Penelope woke up. I still couldn’t walk or even stand because of the amount of numbing medicine I was given. Penelope wouldn’t stop crying, even after a diaper change and we tried feeding her! My husband swaddled her back up and walked around with her. I decided to try skin on skin and just hold her. She stopped crying as soon as she touched me. She laid her sweet head on me and wrapped her arm around me and crashed out! Richard, my husband offered to take her back and I wouldn’t let him! I seriously stayed up until the nurses came in around 6am to take her for check ups! I laid there for about 3 hours alone! This was that moment! As soon as she laid on me and stopped crying, as soon as she cuddled up with me,  that was the EXACT moment I felt like a mom! Her mom!! I just laid there talking to her, rubbing her sweet tiny little fingers, wondering what in the world she would be like and how much she was going to change my life! I had NO idea how much she really would change my life in that moment! I even captioned it that night, “God knew my heart needed you!” Still not knowing the real affect she’d have on me and everyone she’s ever met!

. . . .

I know, I know I’m so behind on this blogging challenge!! I loved how this was planned though! This last post ran right into Mother’s Day Weekend!! Prompt 12, 13, 14 & 15! The host gave everyone the weekend the spend with family and think about what Mother’s Day meant to us!! A few week’s ago I wrote a Mother’s Day Gift Idea Post!! So let’s go ahead and try to catch up some more!!

Challenge Prompt 16 is next!!

Until next time,


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