Learning a New Hobby

I have 2 hobbies that I have been extremely interested in for the past year+! Photography and Calligraphy! I have ALWAYS been very interested in photography, but I didn’t want to get into it because I felt like too many people already did it and there was no way I could compete! I’ve learned lately that if I don’t do something because others are already successful at it, that I won’t get to do or experience anything in life!! They had to start somewhere too!!

For Christmas I got a fancy professional camera and my new interest, a few calligraphy books and pens!! I started practicing both, even taking photos of my calligraphy!! I have stuck with the photography a little move, it’s been easier since Penelope and I are in the brand repping world! We take photos daily!!! Everything has been self taught and from articles I find on Pinterest and YouTube!! I would LOVE to take a photography class to learn even more though! I haven’t even gotten into the photoshop aspects of it yet!! Learning to take the best photos without needing to edit much!

For the calligraphy: We are in the process of moving so all of my books and pens are packed up so that hobby has taken a slight halt! I cannot wait to find a little time again to work on my lettering!! I’d love to be able to make signs for events and as gifts for others!!

I believe hobbies are VERY important! Everyone needs something that is relaxing and fun!! Find your outlet and your thing!! PLUS, finding others with the same hobbies can be exciting! Someone to help you learn more, push you to improve, get you to expand your horizons, and someone to talk excitedly about your hobby!

What is your favorite hobby??

Prompt 11 next!!


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  1. mamaofkings13 says:

    I’m so fascinated by calligraphy! I just don’t think I have the patience to figure it out and it actually look decent. Lol.

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