You Might Be a Mom if…

As soon as I saw this prompt in our blog challenge, I automatically thought about getting other mama’s involved!! I wanted this to be all about moms supporting moms! Lately I have seen so much negativity and judgement towards other mothers and it baffles me! All because they don’t parent the exact same way they do!! I would love for this to be a piece where you put your guard down and realize how many other moms are out there in your shoes! How many moms you can relate to! Motherhood is hard, it’s funny, it’s crazy!! Below you will find a list of You might be a mom if… quotes that moms have sent me!! Make sure to check out the accounts of some of your favorite quotes!!

You might be a mom if..

…if at the end of the night you wonder why you’re so hungry and realize you were so busy, you forgot to eat. –Island Visionaries

…if you can’t remember the last time you watched an adult show, but you can quote the entire movie of Moana. -@thelocallygrownshop

…if dad is sitting next to you and the kids still ask mom for any and everything! -@mamas_cold_coffee

…if you look for the parking spot closest to the cart return instead of closest to the front door!! IG: @raniolokids

…if you wish to just potty in peace! 🤣😂  @flatlays.and.things

…if you’ve ever received a call from another parent followed by a video of your teenager spinning the tires of your car he borrowed….(I have a 17yr old. Yes, I made the video my profile pic) sassEandco

…if you know decaf coffee is a joke! –Hoffee Beans & Tea

…if you toss your hair up in a messy bun to hide the fact you didn’t get to shower for two days. Or three. @Piphany_beckywillenbring


…if you’re praying for all the patience every day that the terrible twos don’t show thier ugly face. -IG @lilsweetlilwild

…if your Instagram is really your kid’s Instagram. alittlegemm

…if you wake up early just to eat breakfast in peace. lauragar13

…You might be a mom (esp WAHM) if.. you’re trying to figure out a way to count Netflix off on your taxes for childcare 😬🙊 (Just kidding….. kinda 😜sweetsouthernsigns

…if you shower with the door open to make sure your toddler doesn’t torture your baby. whimsyandwool_shop

…if you look forward to nap time  @bankssisters

…if it is normal for you to interact with someone who genuinely throws a fit because you just gave them something they asked you for. johnnybananaco

… if you are constantly rocking/swaying, even with no baby in sight! lilmissak

…if catching vomit with your hands doesn’t make you gag. nemanshoes_usa

…if everyone has been in bed for an hour but for some reason YouTube play doh videos are still playing on your tv.  kk_clipp

…if you wonder what Mary Poppins really does on the second Tuesday of the month 🌂 lifemeetspaper

…if you ask your husband/significant other if he or she has to go potty…erinnicole0105

…if you can quote the cost of all the favorite fruit snacks but have no idea how much a bottle of wine costs anymore.

…if you hid in the pantry while eating a candy bar! -Brandi M.

…if you call your toddler a little shit every 10 min 😂 – @turninglittlepages

…if while cooking dinner, you are helping with your older kiddos homework, doing dishes, running after your toddler and checking your IG/Facebook all at the same time! (Me every night 😆😆) -@kingston_david

…You might be a mom (especially a brand reppin’ mama) if your kids are always dressed to the nines but you wear the same 9 t-shirts from high school. 😑 –abc_my3

…if you say “the dog’s tail is not a phone” 8x a day 🐶📱🚫😂 -@binkybeads

…if you’ve learned how to sound intimidating in a whisper tone through gritted teeth. -@pnwpixie

…if getting up only ONCE in a night is considered getting a great night sleep…😴#3under3  -@runaboutclothing

…if after a day of “don’t sit your brother!”, “just TRY it!”, “no, you’re not wearing *that*”, can we PLEASE just try to get along?”; you kiss and tuck them into bed and smile because they’re just so darn sweet. Then you have wine! -@pinklemondesignstudios

…if you have asked a tiny human to please back up while you wipe 🤣 IG – @eelriverboutique

…if you reheat your coffee a million times. –AllTheWhileInStyle

…if you walk into a room and don’t remember why! -Jennifer S.

…if taking a 10 min shower is considered “long” and “a break”.  -@unrivaled_denim

…if you can get ready in a record amount of time and get kids ready all in the same time span of your husband taking a nice hot shower and getting dressed.. only to be in the car waiting on him 🤣🤣🤣  -@princesspj221

…if you think $15 for a shirt is expensive for you but you will spend $40 on one for your kid. TutusByLakin

…if you are constantly giving life lessons. ‘We don’t throw apples in the toilet.’

…if you can recite every Mickey Mouse episode. becky_0319

…if you cook macaroni more than anything else  ellaconkuhlman

…if you wear spit up as hair accessories. rainfliesnbutterbows

…if you spend more time picking out your kids outfit than your own.🙌🏻 breck_thomet

… if hide in the corner to eat a bowl of ice cream because you just gave the two year old a bath and you don’t want ice cream everywhere  -cee_green

…if you instantly think “it’s time for lunch!” Every time someone asks what time is it? #bubbleguppies  –addyandaves

…if your kid comes over with a bag of cotton balls and asks to “eat the marshmellows”. Then screams for 10 minutes because you tried to give them actual marshmallows instead of cotton balla. 🤔 –spicysweetlife

…if you spend all day waiting for bedtime, then sneak in to watch them sleep 🙋🏼🤷🏼‍♀️

…if your son gets in your face with his butt and farts right there while holding his butt cheeks. –the_rosarios83013

…You might be a special needs mom if your life revolves around each kids doctor appointments. –

…if you spend more time picking food off the floor then actually eating it.

…if you have nightmares about matching socks  –solarisembroideryco

…if you’ve told your kids you were sick just so you could take a nap. –amarisrichards

…if hearing mom 1200 times a day is music to your ears –beccassmile

…if you play patty cake while using the bathroom 😊🤦🏻‍♀️-vaydaraye

…if you check on your sleeping kids no matter their age. –cherryhillbags

…if you completely lose your shit on the daily. –

…if you consider coffee as a food group. -Diana C.

…if you hear phantom crying while in the shower. Or bathroom. Or basically anytime you’re trying to have a quiet moment –seoul.little

…You might be a breastfeeding mom if you hide from your kid, so they will eat better. –missaddyjoy

…if you talk about poop like it’s a normal thing to talk about –little_miss_emma28

…if you know the daddy fingers song and your toddler sings it every single dayyyyy 😭😭😭 –emmit_shiro

… if you watch moana more than once per day because it’s your baby’s favorite. 🌊

…if you have caught puke in your hands to prevent it from going all over the couch.
Sophia’s Joy Boutique

… if you’ve ever bribed someone with candy to let you pee alone. –lvtwildflowercreations

… if when making your plate you get extras just so you have some food to eat after your
lil ones helps themselves to your food ❤ –nevaeh__faith

…if you’ve ever shook your head and mumbled “I’m going to hell” after hearing your toddler use a curse word learned from you….😮🤬  -sassEandco

…if you rush out of the house, your kids are all nicely dressed and you realize you have no makeup on 😞😞  –Island Visionaries


Share your You might be a mom if… below!! These made me laugh so hard!!

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  1. mamaofkings says:

    I’m rolling!! I can relate to 90% of these, AT LEAST. But I absolutely lost it when I read the breastfeeding one. 😂😂

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    1. This has to be one of my absolute favorite posts so far!! All thanks to you!!!

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      1. mamaofkings says:

        I’m glad you made it your own!!


  2. Corisa Berry says:

    These are hilarious and so relatable! I love reading them all! Thank you!

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  3. Absolutely love this post! I can definitely relate to most of these! Love the responses you got.


  4. hippiepoints says:

    This was EXCELLENT! … if you’ve ever fed your toddler crumbs that you found in the back seat of the car… and she was fine!

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