What does your Subway order say about you!?

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This prompt cracked me up! I also am not complaining! I love me some food!!

I used to LOVE Subway…and then I got pregnant!! I don’t know why but the smell of the store would make me so nauseous! My husband hated it because he still loved eating there! He would go eat there on nights I worked late or had dinner with friends! I loved their Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich on the Italian Herb and Cheese Bread! My goodness, the bread is ahhhhmazing!! I would get it de breaded to so that I wouldn’t have as many carbs! I would add Lettuce, Pickles, Black Olives, Banana Peppers, a tiny bit of Onion, Pepper and of course Ranch!

But those days just don’t happen anymore!! Even a year after having Penelope I still can’t go in the store!! It’s so crazy how much pregnancy can change things and how they stick around!!

I do LOVE Jimmy John’s now though!!! I could eat there weekly!! Everything just tastes so fresh and crisp!! && Now I’m craving Jimmy John’s!!

Where is your favorite Sandwich Shop??

Day 6 Next!!

Until next time,



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