5 Blogs I Read Regularly

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You will quickly notice that I love following other mama bloggers!! It’s amazing to get little tips about life, hints of what is to come, and ideas of things I can do with my little one!! Click on their logo to be taken to their websites!! I have them linked up!!

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The Sweetest Thing: I have been following Emily Gemma before I even started blogging myself!! I absolutely love her style && after she had her baby, I loved her social media even more!!! If thats even possible!! Her son is so precious!! She makes herself so relatable and connects with her fans. She shares where she gets anything and even shares her home decor, travels, and life with us!!

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The Dearest Days:

Leah is from Australia!! I love seeing her precious little family && their travels and adventures over there!! She writes all about motherhood and is so relatable! She writes items to help make your life easier too as a mama!! She has a little in there too about fashion and even guest bloggers!!

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Melissa Takes Fashion: 

Melissa is a mama too!! I love that she shares things to do for yourself too!! I absolutely love her style!! She’s so fancy and like that perfect little mama and wife you aspire to be!! Her family goes and experiences some of the funnest things! Like their trip to Crayola Experience Orlando!!

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Rocky Mtn Momma

Jackie, if you hadn’t guessed is a mama!! She shares some of the cutest ideas of things to do with your littles!! She also admits that Target and Coffee get her by in life! Just from that I think we could be best friends!! 😉 I love the cute little kid recipes and parties she throws!! She like a Pinterest Perfect mama!!

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A Life in Labor:

Heather is a mama and labor and delivery nurse!! I love her posts about pregnancy and delivery!! I wish I would have found her page when I was pregnant!! One of my biggest things after having Penelope was that no one tells you about life as soon as you leave the hospital! They help you plan everything up until that moment and A Life in Labor is there for you after!! She even has little bits for you and your husband!!


I hope you go and show some love to these precious accounts!!! Who are some of your favorite bloggers? I’d love to go follow more mamas!!!

Day 5 Next!!

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