My Life Be Like a Game of Clue

Day 2 of our Blogging Challenge!!

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.01.55 AM

The first game that popped into my head was Clue! I used to LOVE playing games when I was younger!! Clue was one of my favorites to play with my grandmother!! I will admit now though, that I don’t like playing games!! I will also admit I have control issues and it stresses me out not knowing what the other person is going to do, how long the game will last, the million long list of productive things I could be getting done!! I need to learn to enjoy the moment and relax to play games again!!

Oh ya, back on topic!! I would relate the game Clue to my life right now! I have a 13 month old, a dog, and a husband who works crazy random schedules! As I mentioned before, we are in the process of moving too! So putting all of this information out there… I am constantly finding toys and messes and unidentifiable objects in the most random places!! I feel like I am constantly saying, WHO brought XYZ into this ROOM!?! Where is this item I packed, why is there milk in this vase, who brought this stick in here!? Penelope’s favorite thing right now is to throw all of her toys into boxes I’m unpacking and pull random items out of one box and put it into another! We are living out of boxes and it’s hectic! You take every little clue you can get to actually find anything you need! But hey, it’s fun if you let it be!! 😉

What game would you relate your life to!?

Day 3 Next!!

Until next time,


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