Things to Consider Before Moving!

We MOVED!! We finally have a new, updated, bigger home!! We are SO excited!! Well, let’s take a step back, it’s VERY bittersweet!! We are so excited for this new home and everything that is to come with it! The new memories, opportunities, that beach style resort pool…ahhh BUT I’m also saying good bye to our first home, the home we came home to after our honeymoon and getting married, where I brought Penelope home from the hospital, where she took her first steps and grew so much! We have to say goodbye to all of that! && I’m not sure I’m ready for that part! There were many considerations that went into this move!! I’m laying them all out for you to keep in mind when you start thinking about moving and relocating!! Whether local or across the country!

Why do you want to move? Just wanting something new? Something bad happen in your current place? Lease up? No matter the reason, make sure you have a good reason! Moving is a HASSLE, it’s expensive, it’s VERY time consuming! If you need a new view, try taking a weekend get away or longer if you can! Rearrange your home, make it FEEL different!!

Location is Key! Think about where you work, the places you visit the most, where family lives! Do you have a child that is attending school? Look into the school zones. Do you want close neighbors or a few acres? You can even look up where sex offenders live in certain areas and what the crime rate is in that area! Is this area kid friendly, heavily populated with the elderly? Depending on your status, you’ll want to keep this in mind too! Grandma and Grandpa next door don’t want to hear you partying at 3am and you want to feel safe with your kids playing outside!


Transportation & City Life/Feel! Location above brings us to this! Will you need a car/be able to take your car here or does everyone take the bus? Do you like the feel of this city or part of town? Try driving around that part of town during the day and late at night! See if you feel safe! Look up online what there is to do in this town! Will you be entertained or bored too quickly? Think about traffic in this area too!

Cost of living! Make a budget! Seriously, figure out how much your bills are, how much you currently pay, what you could afford, things you can cut out to afford more! You don’t want a big house with NOTHING in it or unable to go out and do anything!!

Friends and Family! Thinking about moving across town or across the country? Don’t forget about your loved ones! Will distance make the heart grow fonder? Will you or them be able to travel and visit? Can you promise to make the effort to keep those relationships? If you are moving somewhere where you know no-one, make sure you keep in touch with someone! Someone, no matter where they are, is better than no one knowing where you are! Turn your location on on your phone! At least until you are comfortable or know others around there! If you are moving closer to family, make sure you keep your space in mind too! Do you want to be next door where they can walk over at any time?

Looking to Update? Are you ready to upgrade, find somewhere bigger? Have you considered making updates to your home or adding on to it? Have you outgrown your home? Maybe you are looking for something that has all hardwood floors, new appliances, countertops, the whole ka-bam! Make your must have list!! Be flexible though but know what you are wanting!

What about the job? Are you moving because of your job? Will you be able to find a new job in this new city? Will your significant other be able to find a job too? Does this job help cover the costs of your move? How much time are they giving you to move? Are you moving closer or farther away? Keep in mind travel time and gas when making your budget!

Those extra amenities are a bonus!! Maybe that beach style resort pool with cabanas and grill area sounds amazing! Maybe a dog park? A beach volleyball area or even a playground! Different complex’s and housing neighborhoods offer different extras! What hobbies do you have? What extra would sell you on moving there?

What helped you decide to move? Wish us luck with all of the unpacking!! As soon as we have everything set up, I will share posts about each room!! In between the excitement, I’ll be wiping those tears!! I GOT THIS!!!

Until next time,


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