I Workout!! A Mama’s Version!

When you get pregnant you are told you get to eat for two and you have an excuse to eat whatever you’re craving and it’s glorious and amazing! Yes, you still try to watch what you eat, but you get the idea!! When I was 8 weeks pregnant I had emergency surgery to have my appendix removed! I was considered high risk my ENTIRE pregnancy!! I had to take my blood pressure and blood sugar 3-5 times a day. I couldn’t eat sugar, carbs…. basically ANYTHING DELICIOUS IN LIFE!!

&& I’m totally not using this as an excuse but for months after having my baby I could care LESS about working out and getting my pre baby body back!! I wanted to eat pints of Ice Cream for dinner and everything I couldn’t while pregnant!! Don’t get me wrong, I was very fortunate to get back to my pre baby weight by my 6 week check up!

I then started seeing friends back in their bikinis and looking great after baby, I wasn’t quite there yet! I had MULTIPLE friends reach out asking if I wanted to get on their MLM teams to lose weight. Like BeachBody and those others! May I just add, I get what y’all are doing and mean well but STOP ASKING NEW MOMS TO JOIN YOUR TEAM!!! Mannnn that hit my confidence down hard!!

I then had one of my closest mama friends join this group called Fit4Mom! She never pressured me to go, she just went on and on about how fun it was, how amazing the moms were, the mom and family night outs and more! She finally told me I needed to come at least try one class out! I wanted that perfect mom bod but I wasn’t motivated!

I GAVE IN!!! && My goodness, I wish I would’ve sooner!!!

Fit4Mom is an organization that has mama trainers leading the classes at a different location around town each day of the week! Everything is focused around using your stroller and keeping your baby engaged too!

We do squats while playing peek a boo with our babies! We line the strollers up and weave in and out of them while side shuffling or doing high knees through them! We sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with our littles facing us while doing wall sits! You don’t realize how hard you’re actually working out until you wake up crazy sore the next day because you’re focused on your kid! It is amazing the support and motivation the other mamas give you too!

Not only are you working out but you are working out with other moms and their littles!! You have someone to talk with and relate to!! The babies get to get out and play after and enjoy some social time too!! Sometimes they have fun activities after, like bubble time or story time! They also have mama only night out and family night out at fun places like the Bowling Alley!! I love getting to know these mamas and as they say, grow our mama tribe!! Penelope even has a Best Friend there!!

I know it’s always easier said than done, but I definitely recommend other mamas finding their thing! Find a reason to get out of the house multiple times a week, find other mamas to have someone to relate to, for your littles to socialize! Fit4Mom is not just a local thing here, they have them all over! Click here to see if they have a group in your area! If they don’t have one, you should look into starting one for your area! You aren’t alone in looking for these things mama!! You can even do this while your pregnant!!

Do you workout with your baby? Have any fun baby workouts or mama groups you workout with? We’d love to hear all about it!!

Until next time,




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