Why Mom Friends are the Best!

I always heard when you have kids that you will lose your friends! I didn’t believe it and I have not let that happen! I’ve worked hard on that though! I see why they say it, because your life changes 100%, your interests, your points of conversation, your choice of activities for “girls night”, it all completely changes! I have found my SAVING GRACE in mom friends though!! Here are why mom friends are the absolute best thing in the world to have!!

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They show up with an extra coffee for you!

Remember when we used to have friends to share clothes and shoes with?! Ya, now you have that for your child!! 😉

You have their kids to entertain yours (& vise versa) when hanging out!!

Some of these moms have memberships to fun places like the zoo or aquarium and added bonus: They have guest passes to get you in too!!


There is no limit to how far a conversation can go! We’ve both given birth and changed the grossest of diapers! It’s an open playing field!

You always have someone that has your back when those “non kid having” ladies give you those looks! Have a kid, you’ll understand what I’m talking about! lol

They push and encourage you to be the best for you and your littles! I just had a friend convince me to join a Mom workout group and I’ve met the most amazing ladies!! They also plan Family Night Out and Mom Night Out events to meet even more mamas!!!

They respond back to texts at 3am, because they too are up with the kids!

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They don’t get mad when you’re late, because chances are, they are running late too!

Most moms have a few other mom friends, so it’s easy to grow your tribe if you plan play dates!

These mom’s also know of other fun places to take your little ones around town! We love finding new kid friendly play date locations!

They DON’T judge when your child throws a tantrum in the middle of the store!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.37.07 PM.png

They share extra snacks and wipes with you for your little one! We could all use a back up of items sometimes! Don’t lie, we’ve all accidentally left something at home!!

You always have someone to ask advice from! How they do something with their kids or if their kids have ever done xyz!

You can’t have too many people love your baby too! I feel like I’ve watched my best mama friend’s babies grow up now!! I love them like my own!!

You have an extra pair of hands to help you with things when out and about!

They are OK with talking about babies in every. single. conversation because they understand your life revolves about your kid!

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There is NO judgement when you show up in yoga pants and a messy bun!

They make you feel like you aren’t alone in this crazy thing called Motherhood!

The babies can become besties!!


We are there for the tears, it gets hard sometimes!

Which means, we are there to remind you how amazing of a mom you really are! No matter what you think! YOU GOT THIS!

We seriously have made friends like this:

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Don’t get me wrong though! You aren’t going to be best friends with someone else JUST because they are a mom! You HAVE to keep an open mind and seriously treat other moms how you’d like to be treated! Everyone parents differently, all kids act differently!

Added bonus!! It’s amazing for the kids too! Especially if they are SAHK (Stay at home Kids), it gets them some socializing at the play dates! I’ve noticed too that if there are older kids, that the littles ones start picking up on things sooner! They see them crawling, walking, talking and playing and catch on!

bonding moms

What is your favorite part of having mama friends?


Until next time,




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  1. Loved this post! Mom friends are the best ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Escape Writers says:

    This one is hillarious and damn true… Love tht joke ” they go on etsy”😂😂😂.. Yeah you should require s mom friend as such they only understand the mood swings and specially handle your emotional drams.. Just love this post😇

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Emma says:

    My kids are older teens & I still have strong friendships with the mums of their friends. These women have added so much to my life & I love them!

    Liked by 1 person

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