Hip-pity Hop! It’s Easter!!

We hope you all had the most wonderful day celebrating Easter!! I also have to throw a quick THANK YOU out there to all of YOU!! I hit 1,000 separate visitors on my blog last night!! Thank you for your support getting my blog started!! Ok, back to Easter!!! We were so excited for this Easter, for Penelope was a newborn last year, so this year she’d actually get to hunt for eggs!!

Our little Easter Family Photo!! We started our day out at Church! It was a beautiful service!! We got to FaceTime with Penelope’s Great Grandparents too!! I love technology and getting to stay connected!!

We let the kids paint and color hard boil eggs!

We later peeled them to make the deviled eggs for Easter lunch! It made a cool color affect on the egg under the shell! This isn’t my photo, directly below, I forgot to snap a photo but when crushing the shell before peeling and painting, it makes this affect:

Image result for colored eggs peeled

All of the cousins together!! WELL, NOT ALL!!!!! My other SIL had her absolutely precious baby girl this weekend!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Here was our Easter Lunch! My BIL did an incredible job bbq-ing the Ribs!! They fell off the bone!

My SIL, being the amazing baker that she is, made these little bunny ear and easter basket cupcakes!

Penelope’s FIRST easter egg hunt!! It was so cute, since all of the other kids are older, they let Penelope pick up her first egg before the older ones took off!! She picked up her first egg and just sat down and played with it while laughing at her older cousins run past her finding all of the eggs!

One of our favorite traditions is confetti eggs!! It’s so fun smashing the confetti filled eggs on each other’s heads!! Especially for the kids! “Although they originated in Renaissance Italy, confetti-filled eggs have long been a popular part of Mexican Easter celebrations. There, the eggs are traditionally broken over the head of a friend, who makes a wish upon their impact.” – MarthaStewart Although I’ll admit, we don’t really make a wish before each smash, we like to get a few dozen eggs and just go crazy!! lol


My SIL made these little egg cookies with white royal icing on them. She made a little mixture of water and food coloring and let the kids paint their cookie eggs! It was the cutest idea!! My SIL throws the best holiday parties!! She is so creative!!

Since our SIL just had her baby, Penelope’s grandparents, on my husbands side, were with her and their sweet new baby!! They left Penelope her Easter Basket here! I loved the bag with the bow on the bunny!! They know us!! lol She was going straight for the “sacks”! Penelope’s new word!! Snacks!!

We then headed to my parent’s house for Easter Dinner! They had this cute little elephant glove bubble maker in her Easter Basket! She kept trying to catch all of them!

She started to get the idea of the easter egg hunts! She started picking up all of the eggs and putting them in her basket! She’d then dump her basket out to pick them all up again.

Penelope’s Easter Basket was so cute! It was a Minnie Mouse basket and when you squeezed the handle the ears would pop up like peek-a-boo! You can find one here!!

Letting her smash an egg too!

Her aunt showed her how to throw the confetti eggs on the ground as hard as she could to smash them! She just kept wanting to throw and smash everything after that! THANK YOU MEGAN! 😉 haha

We ended the day playing card games with family and then FaceTimed with Penelope’s Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents and new baby cousin!! Had to see her sweet tiny self and say Happy Easter!! Family is so important to us! It’s everything! If you couldn’t tell from our fun filled day!!

We had so much fun celebrating Easter today!! How did you celebrate? Have any fun traditions or activities for the little ones?


Until next time,




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