Penelope’s One Year Photoshoot

Our incredible family friend has her own photography business and she took Penelope’s Newborn photos so it only seemed perfect to have her do Penelope’s One Year photos!! We went to the botanical gardens! Our home is a farmhouse style and I wanted classic photos to print to have up! That’s why I decided on these outfits for her! We definitely had to reach out and use items from our rep shops too!!

Her bow in this first outfit is from JaeLilyCo! Her dress is from Dillard’s!

We learned that Penelope does NOT like the grass!

Every time we put her down she’d lift her legs up and try to balance without falling back!

She just wanted me to pick her up, I sat down to get her comfortable! I’m normally the one behind the camera so it was fun to get a few photos with her!!

We were playing Patty Cake in these!

Once we found a little bridge, she took off like a natural for photos!

My  mom showed up with her pearl necklace from my grandparents, Penelope’s great grandparents, to have as some sentiment in her photos!

Working on her model poses 😉

3 Generations!

We switched to this crown for a few photos! We used it in newborn photos, 6 month photos and here for 1 year!

Time for an outfit change!!

This dress and headband are from HoneyBeezBoutique!

Blowing Kisses!!

I had to share this! Because in this moment! She was DONE with photos! lol

This is when we started trying to bribe her with snacks!!

She had her eye on the prize! The snacks!!

See that’s the snack container cropped out! lol

Thank you SOO much for capturing these moments!! I’m already learning how quickly all of this goes by!! Love watching her grow and her little personality coming out!

I definitely recommend everyone going for it and getting One Year Photos done! It’s a big milestone for baby && the parents!! You survived this too!! They won’t ever be this little again!!

Until next time,




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