Easter Basket Ideas for 6-18 Month Old!

Penelope was a newborn last Easter so we are really looking forward to this year! We plan on putting a few Easter Eggs out on the lawn for her to go around and pick up! I have her easter basket all ready!! Here are some fun ideas for your 6-18 month old if you’re struggling with what to get them!! We don’t want to get Penelope any candy this year! So let’s see what else we can do!!

We are filling her Easter Eggs with Puff Snacks!

Some ideas for your easter baskets:

Bath Toys




Baby Snacks


Little Girls? Get them some new bows!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.51.33 PM

Teether Toys


New Sippy Cup!!


Easter Stuffed Carrots or Bunny

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

Bunny Paci

RaZbaby RaZbuddy JollyPop Pacifier Holder w/Removable Baby Pacifier - 0m+ - BPA Free - Bunny

So many stores have adorable little items for babies that are Easter themed!! Just keep your eye out for them! I hope this helped give you a few ideas or sparked your mind for some other items to fill your child’s Easter Basket with!! We also got Penelope’s Easter Basket monogrammed to make it personalized for her!

What are some fun items you put in your Easter Baskets?

Until next time,



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