Penelope’s First One in a Melon Birthday

Penelope’s first birthday was themed ONE in a Melon!! 🍉

Here was our focal point && Photo {booth} set up!! We made the balloon banner! Not exactly how it was supposed to look, but all we were allowed to use was tape to hang it up!! And we only got 15 mins to set EVERYTHING up!! It was still super fun!! The streamer backdrop was from Target!

I got the 1 from Hobby Lobby && painted it!

Her party was in the morning so we did little brunch style snacks!

The decorative tooth picks are from Party City!!

We had fresh Watermelon Fresca to drink!! I personalized our Watermelon cups I found at Party City!

These little sand toys were the party favors for the kids!! Also from Party City!! I made the little labels!!

Custom Pink/Slightly watermelon flavored kettle corn from our favorite local Kettle Corn company were the favors for the adults!!

My SIL did an INCREDIBLE job making her custom cookies && smash cake!!!

Her 12 month milestone photos!! We will take the last one Tuesday!!

We ordered these off of Amazon!!

I made all of the centerpieces! One side had photos from the past 12 months and a watermelon on the other side!

Her Godmother made her high chair wrap!

My best friends and I had to try out the slide!! 😜 We has to have some fun too!!

Penelope LOVED going down the slide!!

My new favorite family photo!!!

Penelope was done with us!! Ready to go back to playing!! She’s like guys stop! You’re embarrassing me! 😉

For the past few weeks my mom has been signing Happy Birthday to you, so she was used to it and it didn’t freak her out at her party! It worked!! She was laughing the whole time!!

We hope all your wishes come true!!

I, mama, almost had a panic attack when dad was like hereee Penelope as he pushed her hands into the cake!! Messes stress me out! Especially in her cute outfit!!! Lol

Penelope wanted to open and play with every toy the second it was opened!! And has continued to play with them all all day!!

She crashed walking out of the party place!!! We completely wore her out!! We couldn’t have asked for a more amazing party!!

Time for these amazing outfit details!! Her romper was custom made by Limitlessbootique! && her bow is from JaylinCreations!

I feel like I’m on top of it!! We already ordered Thank you cards too!! Shhh I’m only sharing the sneak peak here on the blog!! 😘

We cannot thank everyone enough who has been apart of this girl’s life the past 12 months and showed her so much love!! We are so blessed!!

Kid’s birthday parties are EXHAUSTING!! But it was totally worth it!!

Until next time,




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