Best Day Ever

We made it to Wedding Day!! We got married on March 25, 2016! It fell on Good Friday but it’s also my parents anniversary and my grandfather’s birthday! We loved the idea of keeping the generations going and connected together! Both of our dad’s are retired from the Navy, the military is a big part of our lives and we met and live next to the beach! A nautical theme, focused mostly around anchors, only seemed right!

The girls and I started our day at the salon getting our hair and make up done! The salon was so cute and had fruit and mimosa’s set up when we arrived!

On the way back to the hotel a few of the girls stopped and picked up a platter of Chick-fil-a nuggets for us to snack on and my SIL took me to Starbucks to get my wedding day coffee! Now time to get dressed! I let the girls pick any style dress they liked in Navy Blue! Part of their gifts included personalized hangers for their dresses!

I wanted a classic, simple, timeless dress! We went to just look at dresses because I had no idea what I wanted! I tried on about 6 and then this one, walked out and started crying! My mom told me to try on a few more just to make sure and all I wanted to do was put this one back on! I got my dress 9 months before the wedding! It was hard to stay the sameeee size for 9 months and through the holidays! Couldn’t gain or loose much weight! lol

The ceremony and reception were held at a hotel! Since 90% of our guests were from out of town, including the wedding party! We wanted to make this as easy as possible for everyone!

We had our couple’s monogram cut out of wood and the wedding date wooden pieces and used those as our guest “book”! They are now hanging on our wall as a constant reminder of the love and support we have!

You may have seen the frames laying down in the photo above…now that you double checked ;)…they were hiding my bridal photos before anyone saw me walk down the aisle! Here were a few of them:

I had peonies and hydrangeas for my bouquet! The bridesmaids had 2 stems of hydrangeas with a navy blue long ribbon with white anchors that was tied to it that fell from the knot! The groomsmen had ninja turtle pins with a single hydrangea flower bud. You can also see my custom made Kendra Scott earrings in this photo too!

I did a test run of my hair and make up the day of my bridal photos so we could test it out and look wedding day ready in the photos!

We had custom koozies for everyone’s drinks and custom reusable plastic cups at the bar if you got a beer from the keg! It’s fun going to family and friend’s houses and seeing the cups they brought home and still use!

We tied rope down the aisle with lanterns and anchors hanging in between the seats.

My husband, Richard’s niece and nephews were our flower girl and ring security! Along with one of our closest family friend’s daughter and my godson!! We were nervous there would be too many little ones that it was become crazy but it was so adorable and they did amazing! We put the baby in a decorated little wagon!

I TOTALLY messed up our “Tying of the Knot” my side of the rope didn’t knot up! lol

As i’ve mentioned before, I always say our last name is Ohhh (Olivares) because I can’t say it right! Well as a fun surprise for everyone, our officiant said I know pronounce you Mr & Mrs… and I said Olivares! Everyone laughed and clapped!

Our amazing wedding party!! I was able to even convince all of the guys to get Sperry Boat Shoes for the wedding! They gave me a hard time about it, but I still get messages of them telling me how much they love them! lol

We had about 350 people at our wedding! We had thank you cards at each seat on the napkin. I made the centerpieces too! I wanted to make most things because I wanted everything personalized!

We danced to Mean to Me by Brett Eldredge for our first dance! We had my dad and his mom pick out the songs to our father/daughter and mother/son dances as meaningful gifts to us!

We didn’t have a traditional wedding cake! We had a tower of mini bundt cakes so everyone could grab any flavor they liked! The topper matched a bunch of the center pieces! We now have a mini bundt cake for our anniversary each year!

I made the little toppers too! My husband loves the Ninja Turtles so I bought Little People and painted over their hair and outfits to look like a bride and groom! I gave my husband a ninja mask too! I wanted them completely personalized!


Here is the incredible Ninja Turtle Grooms cake I told you about that my grandmother made! We still have the toy pieces on top when our little one[s] get older to play with! I am full of meaning behind everything!!

We made this backdrop for the Photo Booth too! Even have a quote from our vows and our wedding song on here!

We had little touches of decorations that were used at the bridal/couples showers around the wedding too!

My mom and grandmother had the photographer set this photo up and I didn’t know about it or see it until I got our wedding photos back! haha

I threatened him like crazy before the wedding not to do this, you can tell he is scared of me! 😉 lol

We had an Anniversary Dance! All couples to the dance floor and the dj says, if you’ve been married 1 year, get off the dance floor! Now 5 years, and goes until the last couple is standing and they gave us a little bit of marriage advice! It was cute!

This was seriously, the best night of my life!! It was so much fun having all of our friends and family celebrating our wedding and marriage with us!

We even did the cliche things, TOTALLY unplanned! Like a dance off and conga line! haha && YES everyone got involved!!!!

3 generations of rings! My grandmother, mom, and mine!

I had custom monogrammed Jack Roger sandals for my wedding day too!


Last song!

Before going outside for sparklers, everyone came together and prayed over us! It was incredible!

Yay for our grand exit!!! We used this photo and had THANK YOU written on it and sent it out to everyone as a Thank You Postcard after the wedding! Our Save the Dates were Magnets for the fridge!

Our wedding video ends with the elevator doors closing as we go to our room!! It was perfect!!

ALTHOUGH!!! The party wasn’t over!! Our ceremony was at 4pm and then the reception was from 5 to 11p because in all reality not everyone stays until midnight! So we wanted to pay for the photographer, videographer, and dj while everyone was still there to enjoy it! We had the room and bartenders until midnight though! A lot of family stayed to keep drinking and catch up more on the day and help pack everything up! It was a fun little after party!!

After everyone left, we stayed in the lobby and kept talking to my step brother, best friend, and Richard’s best friend, that all live out of town! (The lobby was large, even had a little river and waterfall in it!) We ordered a pizza and hung out until about 3am!

We got back up to the hotel room and had to be up to pack and leave in about 2 hours to drive 4 hours to leave for the Honeymoon! We were exhausted but it was seriously The Best Day Ever!!!

I will share the Honeymoon with you HERE! We went on a week long cruise around Mexico!

Until Next Time,



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