Rehearsal Dinner Day

TOMORROW IS WEDDING DAY!!! Well at least it was!! We got our marriage license!!

I’m ready for that wedding band!!

Had a girls lunch with my mom, sister, grandmother, and a few of my bridesmaids! We got our nails all done for the wedding!

I got my future monogram on my ring finger! You may already see 2 rings! When I went away to college I asked for a promise ring! I wanted a little something to always remind us of our beginning! It wasn’t so much for that moment but our future! I love having that constant reminder of the different times and parts of our relationship!

We had our rehearsal at the hotel and got all checked in! I got a suite for the bridesmaids and myself and my husband had a suite for all of the groomsmen! I even had all of the ribbons from the gifts at my bridal showers made into the pretend bouquet for the rehearsal!

One of our family friends went and decorated the party room we had for our Rehearsal Dinner at a bar and grill! We had so many people travel in from out of town that we invited everyone that wanted to come! Our videographer even came and got a little bit of footage!

We played a game where my sister would read off a question of “Who does xyz?” and my fiancé and I were facing opposite directions and would hold up a card that said him or her! It was a fun ice breaker for the 2 families to see what we said about each other!

We also did speeches from our MOH’s & Best Man this night! While many were invited, it was still more intimate than at the wedding reception itself. Made it all more personal!

Loved that we grabbed a whole family photo of both sides!!

After the dinner, my grandparents went back to my parents home and finished some little details for the grooms cake!! Just wait until you see the cake my grandmother made for my then fiancé!

Meanwhile!!! We got back to the hotel and two of my bridesmaids, one of the groomsmen, and a bridesmaid’s son & brother got stuck in the elevator!

After about an hour and a half, they got the door opened!!

The firemen showed up and got them out!!

Want to know a fun little added story! See the girl sitting on the floor on the right hand side and the man standing over and behind her? That’s my SIL and my best friend’s brother! After that wedding weekend, we set them up and they are now married and expecting their first baby! I always joke with them and say “You’re Welcome!!” when I see them!

We went back up to the hotel room and I could NOT sleep! I was tossing and turning and sooo anxious for the next day! Which I shared next HERE!!! Yay!!!


Until next time,



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