Bachelorette Party

Let’s keep the recaps coming!! My Bachelorette Party was nothing short of a hot mess! But what do you expect when you put a bunch of girls together? Much less girls that don’t know each other outside of the connection with ME! My little sister was my Maid of Honor, however she was on a volleyball scholarship at college and couldn’t take off all of the weekends of wedding events! My best friend and 2nd Maid of Honor stepped up and planned this weekend! She did an incredible job!!!!

The drama started when one of my friends called the morning of, saying she couldn’t come because something was wrong with her car and she didn’t get off work until everyone else had already left town! So my amazing SIL came to the rescue!! I rode out of town to the party with her so that my friend could borrow my car to drive up when she got off!

I was so excited I got to ride up with my SIL! I feel like we got to connect before the wedding!

We met my best friend at the hotel before everyone else arrived, so we headed down the river and had a few drinks to get started!!

She made a few little goodies for all of us! Love how everyone kept with the nautical theme!

We were planning on doing a whole weekend, 2 nights of partying! Here was night 1! We all got dressed up with sashes, crown veils and all! Walked down the river again and started making stops! The river is lined with hotels, restaurants, and bars right along the downtown with even more bars and places to go! We got some appetizers and drinks and then decided to walk to a bar a few blocks away! Well, we got lost and got hungry walking around down town! So we stopped to get burgers and candy at a candy store haha I know WILD NIGHT! But give me a minute! It picked up QUICK! We finally found the bar and they brought a game for me, the bride, to play! I had to draw a card and then do whatever the card said like dance with a  stranger or something fun! I loved it! A few of the girls went back to the hotel and the rest of us went to a bar next to the hotel and ran into my fiancé’s cousin and we all started having a little bit too much fun! We will leave it at that and nope, I don’t have any photos to share! Hey! That’s how these weekends are supposed to be left! 😉

My night 1 before and after photo!

The next morning we rushed to get ready to make it over to Kendra Scott for a private party! The girls had set up a color bar time for me to go custom make my wedding earrings!! I told you she did good planning this weekend! They set up snacks and a little mimosa bar for us too!

They even used our wedding hashtag!! My bestie is perfect!! We grabbed lunch next door after!

My married last name is Olivares, and in a totally non racist way, I can’t say it right! They say I say it “too white”. So I’ve always said my now husband’s name is Richard Ohhh! It became a huge joke on me! So when we were thinking of our wedding hashtag, I went with #MrAndMrsOhhh! I still to this day say I’m Britnee Ohhh. Everyone loves it lol

All of the girls were still tired from the late night before so they went back to the hotel to nap. Macey, my best friend that planned all of this, and I still wanted to go hang out! So we took on downtown ourselves!! We went on a carriage ride!

Walked, window shopped, and talked for hours! Then stopped at this cute little Italian restaurant for a snack! We just reminisced on life getting us to the point of me getting married!!! Crazy!!

We went back to the hotel and got everyone up and dressed!! Last week I shared with ya’ll my bridal showers!! Remember the couples shower? Since we were all in the same town and all requested off for this weekend, the groom’s family threw us a couples shower! So we got to see each other for a short time! I loved it!


Ok backtrack, remember how I said that weekend was a hot mess?! Well I only told you about all of the fun parts! Only parts that matter! After the couples shower, we were SUPPOSED to go back to the hotel and keep partying. I wasn’t up for it because of the drama that had happened in between things! I’d also like to not bring it up because things have been fixed since then! BUT I just wanted to go home. Of course, my fiancé kept going with his bachelor party and I wasn’t going to ruin that for him! So my best friend said she’d take me back to her place! We picked up In-N-Out Burger, because I love it and don’t have one back home, and drove 2 hours to her place!! I got to cry and vent and stuff my face and by the time we got to her home I was laughing and completely over it all!! The next morning we went and grabbed brunch and got tattoos!!!!! Yes, we did!! Little sail boats for our friendSHIP! Go ahead and judge away! We are cute and cheesy and love it! It also goes with my wedding theme!! They are tiny! Like the size of a dime!

As crazy as it was, I absolutely loved it! It brought some of us closer together and it was such a fun way to celebrate with my girls that I was getting married!!!

In the next few days I’ll be sharing the Rehearsal Dinner Day && THEN wedding day!!

What did you do for your bachelorette party?!


Until next time,



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