Brand Repping Duo

As you probably know, my daughter is a brand rep! That’s how we got started in all of this! Now fast forward a few months: One of my best friends has the most adorable son, LT, and I convinced them that she needed to get him into brand repping too! NOW here we are with the cutest little brand repping duo!! We wanted to share some photos from their first repping photo shoot together!

Their outfits are from Target! Penelope’s Bow is from JaeLilyCo!

Buddies Forever && Ever…

LT loves giving P hugs!

We love our downtown area for photos!

We totally bribed them with Gold Fish!

LT is going in for kisses!!

So serious! But, oh so adorable!!

Ok, done with that! Let’s go play!!

This was mostly chasing LT around and picking Penelope up to place her wherever LT was standing still the longest! lol We had so much fun && it was definitely a workout with 2 littles! So worth it though!!

You can follow Penelope and LT on Instagram!! This is only the beginning of these two!!

Until next time,



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