My Bridal Showers

Our 2 year Wedding Anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks!! Yay!! I promised to catch you all up on our life before we started this blog, so let’s get to it!! Tonight we will get into my Bridal Showers! I had 3 of them! I was so spoiled, I know! The first one was with my friends, the 2nd was with my side of the family and the 3rd was with my husband’s side of the family!

We registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond & Target!

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Here was my friends one! I was obsessed with Kate Spade and I still am! It was Kate Spade inspired! My bridesmaids hosted this party! We obviously had this party pretty early before the wedding! 175 days to be exact! 😉

We had it at my parent’s house! We did a brunch with a mimosa bar!

My [then] soon to be SIL made us a wedding dress out of cupcakes! (Yes our wedding date was 03/25)

Just a few decorations! Kate Spade Inspired quotes reworded for a wedding theme!

Here were the invites!

Here was the incredible group of ladies that came!! We played your typical games of making wedding dresses out of toilet paper and who knows the bride best! They even had a photo booth set up!

This one was with our Family Friends and my side of the family! My mom hosted this party! This one was more a luncheon, tea party theme! The food made by our family friend and cohost, Carla, was absolutely incredible! This party was about 2-3 months before the wedding!

Our wedding theme was Nautical, so my mom had these adorable anchor cookies ordered!

More mimosas!! Champagne is my favorite!!!

My grandmother brought these gorgeous flowers! She loves fresh flowers! She got the fresh flowers for our wedding too!!

They made a wishing tree for me. I still have all of the little cards they wrote!

Our group photo of amazing ladies!!

For this last party, from the grooms party was a joint party! We had this party about a month before the wedding! Their family lives out of town, the same town we had our bachelorette and bachelor parties in! With our jobs at the time, it was hard to request off a lot, so we planned to take the same weekend off to do everything together! Friday night we did separate Bachelorette && Bachelor activities and then Saturday night we met up for a family BBQ & Couples Shower then went back our separate ways!

They kept our theme of nautical decor! We used some of these items at our wedding too!!

Loved all of the personal touches! Even our champagne glasses were etched personalized!

We still have this Jenga set and love reading the messages when we have game nights!!

My LOVELY husband ended up drinking BOTH of these later on! I asked if he didn’t know how to read! lol I do recommend this as a gift to everyone know! I thought it was so cute!

I love this picture and how he was looking at me! I love this man!! It was such an incredible night that they put on for us!!

There was NO doubt that we felt so much love and support during our engagement from everyone! It’s fun thinking back on them now too! P.S. I shared SOME of the Bachelorette Party HERE!! 😉

Until then,



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