A Day in the Life of a WAHM!

Day Three of the Blog Challenge! Killing it so far! 😉 Your daily routine! Well, no day is the same for me, I don’t have a routine! I know! What kind of mother am I!?! But we are a very social, on the go, work from home, baby play date type of family! It’s very busy 24/7 but it works for us && I wouldn’t have it any other way! I kept a little note going on my phone all day and wrote things as we went! Here’s a peak into my daily life!

➡️Who needs an alarm clock when you have a baby?

Make P a bottle and place a few toys around her. See what I can do with this mess of hair and how much make up I can get on before she’s not distracted anymore!

Good as it’s going to get! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Heading to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny!!

It’s poring rain! I wish I would’ve bought P that cute raincoat the other day!!

Sooo Penelope hated the Easter Bunny! I mean look how pathetic this is! 😜

We even tried the Giraffe from Toys R Us and she still wasn’t having it! I was a good mom and didn’t share the screaming pics! Here she wouldn’t take her eye off of him!

Now off to a Networking Mixer Luncheon!

P fell asleep on the drive and it’s POURING still! Sitting in the car letting her sleep some, catch up on social media a little, and waiting for a break in the rain to run inside!

I’m soooo glad I fixed my hair today! It’s now in a mom messy bun! THANKS RAIN!!! 🙄

Mic isn’t working for this Networking Mixer so we can’t hear half of what they are saying but I know 90% of it is them complaining about the mic! ANYWHO! I’m glad my mom is here!! Love being apart of the family business!

Cleaning up 75% of Penelope’s Chicken lunch up off the floor! Don’t worry she ate the other 25% in between throwing this part on the ground!

Killing some time before P’s Dr appointment, stopping at Barnes & Noble to say hi to Penelope’s bestie! Baby Play Date!!!

Penelope has been having some tummy problems so they are checking them out! Hasn’t been any better so they are taking her off formula and trying a milk supplement type thing?? Idk, I’ll have to look into it more when we get home! Sending me home with a heavy box of pre made bottles of this stuff!

Thank the lord!! It stopped raining! I would’ve been a hot mess trying to carry and cover a baby, her diaper bag, and this box of bottles in the rain!!

Made a quick stop on the way home to see my SIL! Needed to catch up on life, haven’t seen her in about a week! WhAt?! I’m so lucky I have family close!!

Needed to do a QUICK photoshoot of Penelope for her baby brand repping for one of her shops! We needed the sunlight because it’s for a COLOR CHANGING BOW!!! Ya, I know!! SOO cool!!!

Did you see my AMAZING new Rep Mom hat!? In LOVE!

Husband grabbed dinner on his way home from work! He’s the best! Yaaaa, judge away! I didn’t cook dinner! lol He picked up Chick Fil A! It’s my absolute favorite and I’ve been craving a chocolate milkshake for days!

Yum Yum Yum chicken nuggets, Polynesian sauce, and a chocolate milkshake! Livin’ it up!

Now that my husband is home, he can entertain Penelope so I can create a few ads and social media posts for some of our clients for our family business! Love being able to work from home!

We gave into the whole Bachelor scandal! Gasp! So we had to see what was said tonight during the After the Final Rose! YAWN!!

Oh shocker, Becca is the next Bachelorette! 😱😜

Ok, now on to the good stuff!! This Is Us! This is our FAVORITE show! 😍 I could do a whole blog post just about that!

Pause the show!

My grandmother, mimi, called! Oh My Goodness! She is like my favorite person ever! My grandparents are so cute! I’m so close with them! They called just to check in on us and mention how sad This Is Us was tonight!

STOOOPPPPP!! I haven’t finished watching it!! lol 😂

Make P another bottle and get her ready for bed!

Hold her while my amazing husband gives me a foot rub while we finish up the episode!

This seriously is THE LIFE! 🤗

Pick out Penelope’s outfit and pack her diaper bag for tomorrow! Early morning tomorrow, no excuses for being late!

Everyone is asleep in bed aka it’s my time to finish up this blog post && make a few more ads for work while I watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy!

Good Night && until next time,



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