Spring Break with Little Ones at Home

Spring Break is in about a week for most students! We are lucky enough to live by the beach and have a membership to the aquarium. However, those places are going to be PACKED with visitors and everyone out of school! We still want to do fun things with our little ones at home though, since we aren’t traveling anywhere! Here are a few ideas to have a fun Spring Break with the little ones!

  1. Have a water gun and water balloon fight! For fun, try putting glow sticks in the water balloons and have the water fight at night!
  2. Send a letter/drawing to a friend or grandparent!
  3. Make Tie Dye Shirts!
  4. Scavenger Hunt around the house and yard! Simple Image Bordered Spring Break Promotion Facebook Post
  5. Build a Fort with the couch cushions!
  6. Make Homemade Ice Cream! Here is a fun recipe we have tried: HOMEMADE ICE CREAM…IN A BAG! Get the kids outside and have them toss the bag back and forth!
  7. Paint Rocks! Make a pet rock, decorate your garden, or make a tic tac toe set with them!
  8. Do a Science Experiment! Check out this adorable website for fun ideas and directions! This one is a favorite: Walking-Water-Science-Experiment-for-Kids
  9. Blow up a kiddie pool and fill it with blankets and pillows and read stories at night with flashlights!
  10. The big hype lately has been Slime! But try this Edible Slime from Starburst Candy!!! The kids will love it!!

We hope you all have a fun Spring Break with your littles! Make it a week full of fun memories!!

What do ya’ll have planned for Spring Break??

Until Next Time,





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