One In A Melon Photoshoot

Now that all of the birthday party invitations are sent and received, I can finally share Penelope’s watermelon photos!! Her party theme is going to be ONE in a Melon!! We have some cute watermelon outfits coming up over the next few weeks! Birthday’s are HUGE in our household so we are going all out with a Birthday Month for this little one!!

The decorations were from Hobby Lobby, the white serving dishes we received as a wedding gift from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and her headband is from a very small local boutique here at home!

These first 3 photos made me laugh so hard! She was trying to lean down and eat the watermelon but her little belly got in the way so she couldn’t bend far enough to reach it. She got mad and just kicked the watermelon away! I feel you girl!

So we moved on to just slices!

This photo is life! She’s like this is heaven!!!!

This is one of my favorites!!

She was such a mess!

&& that’s a wrap on photos!!

Here are the invites I made myself on Canva! I had to white out the details such as the time, place, and her email for security reasons! But you can still get the idea!

On the back we added her email that we created so that her family and friends can send fun memories over to her, especially for those that won’t be able to make it! We loved the time capsule idea, but put it at a little different of a way! We also added, instead of gifts, please consider contributing to her college fund! It’s never too early to start saving up to help her out later! I had some money left over from my college fund and we transferred it to Penelope to get her started! I thought that was really cool!! Here was the back of the invite:

This is such an exciting and bittersweet time!! Keep following us to see our Birthday Month celebrations!!

Until next time,




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness these pics are cute! My fav is the one of her with eyes closed while she eats that watermelon! Happy Birthday sweet girl 🎈

    Liked by 1 person

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