5 Facts About Myself

Sweet Serendipity has started a 30 day blogging challenge with a few bloggers! We each have our own reasons for joining in on this but we are all doing it together for support! This community is absolutely incredible! I am jumping in on this to push myself to open up more, get more comfortable writing, to put more content out, and increase my reach of followers!! So let’s get started!! Day 1: Selfie & 5 Facts About Yourself! I’m going to do some fun && random facts!

1. I graduated High School a year early! My dad was in the Navy and was about to be transferred to a new station/base my Junior year. I didn’t want to start a new school my Senior year so I took a summer class and then a full schedule Senior year instead of half days like the other Seniors!

2. I know there are a million places that would be considered more amazing to travel to by many, but the number 1 place I want to go is New York City! I want to go during Christmas Time! It’s the top of my bucket list!!!

3. I have broken 6 bones and every. single. time. the reason starts off with “I was walking &&…” Yes, I’m extremely clumsy!! Oh wait, one broken bone was from when I joined gymnastics! Literally during my very first class, during the warm up, I did a flip and landed on the edge of the mat and snapped my ankle! End of that gymnastics Olympic dream! 😜😜

4. When I was little I had a very thick country/hick accent! My parents and husband love telling people about this! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I only unintentionally get it now when I have a few too many glasses of wine! 😉

5. I love bows! Penelope has about 300 of them! Yes, I have a serious problem but can’t stop!! I won’t stop!! Do they have a Bows Anonymous group?

Selfieeeeee Time!!!!

We took this selfie after an award ceremony last week!

We don’t find out the topic of the daily blog post challenge until each morning! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow is!

Until Next Time,




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