Day Trip to the Zoo

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous day trip vacation?! We found out our husbands were off this weekend so my best friend said let’s take the littles one to the Zoo! && that’s exactly what we did!! We packed up the kids and drove about 2 hours to our first stop!! The Rainforest Cafe!!

Have you ever been there?! It was the perfect lunch spot before the zoo to get the kids in animal mode! The decorations alone were incredible! The moving and animated animals, all the greenery! The food being yummy was just a bonus!!!

We got to sit next to the elephants, my favorite!!!

The Rainforest Cafe was on the Riverwalk. It’s this river in the downtown area that has lots of restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels along it that you can walk up and down for miles! It’s cute with little boat tours and the ducks floating along the river down the middle of everyone walking on both sides! Here were our little cuties holding hands while we were walking around!!

Ok, I just have to show you what the RiverWalk looks like so you can see how amazing it is!! (Not my image)


Then we got to the Zoo!! Yay!! They were so excited to see all of the animals!! This one cat type animal (Sorry I forgot what it was called) was in the exhibit right next to them here and kept jumping at the glass when LT would walk by! He did not want to stand here for photos lol but they were too cute! Their outfits are from Target!

LT got to feed the fish in one of the ponds! They had cute little fish food pellet dispensers for the kids around the water!

Penelope loved the Jaguar’s! She kept smiling and reaching for them and looking back at her dada to make sure he saw them too!

We took the kids on the Merry Go Round! We let them pick out their own animals!

Penelope reached for the Giraffe, so we got her all buckled on and got a few cute pictures just as the lady came around and said that was the only animal on the whole ride that didn’t move up or down! 😦

So we moved her next to LT!

Yes, we had to get a cute little family photo! 😉 Penelope work with us girl! lol Couldn’t get her to smile! She wasn’t sure what to think when it started moving up and down in this picture.

We took the little ones to the gift shop to pick out a souvenir! I laid an elephant, a giraffe, and a jaguar out to see if she really did like the jaguars that much! && Sure enough, she walked right up to the Jaguar stuffed animal, picked it up and walked straight to dad, like here buy me this!

She kept giving it kisses! It was the cutest!

&& NOW that this little handsome man is brand repping with Penelope!!!! Yes! I’m so excited!! We couldn’t miss a moment to do a little photo shoot with him! Our husband’s asked if we came to the Zoo for the animals or the photos! lol Ummmm, BOTH!!! When will they learn?! 😉

Here is his Instagram, if you’d like to follow him too!

We got to feed the giraffe’s too!! It was crazy seeing how huge these animals were up close!

&& as you can see, we wore the little ones out!! She crashed out before we even left!

We stopped to try to find some Rae Dunn (we have a problem) and then grabbed a bite to eat before getting back on the road! We have a rule when we are out of town that we have to eat at places we don’t have back home!! We grabbed Raising Canes! Their secret sauce is the BEST!!! After the 2 hour drive back home, we were drained from our day! BUT it was a blast of a day!! Seeing the reactions on the little one’s faces and creating these memories! I absolutely loved it!!

What’s your favorite animal at the zoo??


Until Next Time,




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