Fresh Bellies

I will admit I wish I was one of those moms that made Penelope’s baby food! Like pureed fresh fruits and veggies, no preservatives, the real stuff!! I’m not using this as an excuse but I also became one of those mom’s that didn’t keep baby in the house for long! We have been on the go since she was just a few weeks old! We love to stay busy and be involved so I never got around to making her food myself! THIS is why I LOVE Fresh Bellies!!! It is a mom made company who wanted the same things for her little ones! EXCEPT she didn’t just settle with everything in the grocery store! She made these REAL food Baby foods to share with everyone! Now, Penelope can get the fresh fruits and veggies seasoned with fresh seasons and herbs, no preservatives, organic food that I can take on the go! BONUS, each lid comes with a baby spoon!!! Yes, I know! She’s amazing!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house and forgot the spoon!!

I loved the process of these photos with Penelope! She smiled and then realized what was next to her! She grabbed it and looked at it, like she was checking out what it was and then even she thought “Yep, these look yummy!” 😉


There are 5  flavors and they have the cutest names!!!! Such as, Apple of My Eye && A Pearfect Pair &&& We Got the Beet!

They also share the yummiest recipes using Fresh Bellies Baby Food for older babies to still get the nutrients but need a little more than pureed baby food! They really do take care of their customers!!!

Penelope loves it too!! It doesn’t get much better than this!! You know, other than me stepping it up and making her food myself! lol But, let’s be real!!

I would highly recommend this to all of my baby mama friends!!

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  1. Beautiful advertisement with these incredible baby food. Penelope is the perfect baby. She is gorgeous!

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