Happily Ever After Words Frames

I cannot stop gushing over these gorgeous custom frames from Happily Ever After Words!! I mean, just look at these before I go on any further!!!!

They made this one for our little Penelope Grace!!

They made this one for my husband and I!!

I got to speak with the owner about their frames and learn a little about them! Their story and love for their shop is absolutely precious and inspiring!! You can tell they TRULY love their customers and what they do!!

She said “The best part about my job is getting to hear the backstory of why a customer chose a special saying or quote and learning a little bit about the person they are gifting it too.”

See I told you!! So sweet!

You get a completely custom frame!! The background, the sayings, the personalization! They ask about your style and home decor to help you find the perfect piece!!

Both of these sayings are my absolute favorites! Penelope’s Room is a Rustic Floral theme and our home has a Modern Farmhouse look with lots of white’s and grey’s!

We let them know those details and a few small others and their creativity took over!! I wouldn’t change anything!! Here is a little bit more from the owner about how much they love creating these frames:

“Being able to use my imagination is something I did not get to do when I was in the corporate world 😞 and after almost 7 years in my position and the company being bought out and changing hands 2 times I kissed that industry goodbye in September, yay!!!!! Now I am free to explore this adventure full time. It’s crazy because I work more hours at this than at my former job but the stress/anxiety from being trapped and micromanaged has dissipated, I can use my imagination all the time to do happy and inspiring things, and above all I feel so much more peace and satisfaction finally! It’s hard to even put it into words.”

The unique thing about them is that the wood frames that are attached to the boards are all up cycled!! They don’t buy new ever and source them from estate sales, goodwill and the Salvation Army and give them a second life!!!! Plus by supporting those organizations, the proceeds go right back into the local community to support those in need. Because they are up-cycled, there are no two alike!!

Just look at the details! As you can see, the distressed edges on the frames! The letters are completely custom prints and the frames are sealed to make them last!!

These would make the most perfect wedding gifts, new baby gifts with their birth info, anniversary, milestone birthday’s, new home gifts or your family Christmas photo! The list could go on! These will be on all of my gift suggestion and idea lists for all ages!!!

They are made in Michigan and will be celebrating their 1st birthday in May!! 🎂 They just got location #11 there in Michigan too! There are now officially 11 unique boutiques and locally owned shops that feature frames from yours truly ❤️

You can find them on Instagram too!!

Thank you so much again Happily Ever After Words for these amazing frames that I will cherish forever!! We will be ordering more soon!!! I cannot thank you enough for capturing our home and life in a frame!!



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