Netflix Binge Watching Worthy Shows

I’m going to be straight up with you so I don’t waste your time on this list! I have asked on Social Media so many times for people to suggest shows for me to watch and I always get a million shows that I’ve already seen and the rest are shows I would NEVER watch!! Leaving me with no new suggestions!! I DON’T like scary shows, I TRIED to give into the hype of Orange is the New Black and I couldn’t do it! I’m letting you know these things because if these are shows you like, we might not have the same liking of genre’s!! Nothing wrong with that though!!! I love comedy, drama, && family shows! I like things I can watch before bed and not have nightmares!! lol Things that if my child is in the same room I don’t have to worry about anything! I need shows that I can get distracted with the baby or work and I didn’t miss something HUGE! I know I’ve turned LAME! 😉 But if you like the same things, you might like some of these shows!!

Click on the name to be taken to the info about what the show is about! I just added a little bit of my own opinion on it!! These are in no particular order!

  1. Friends: OBVIOUSLY!! Who hasn’t seen this show?! Or at least a few episodes of it here and there. I was SO excited when they added all of it to Netflix, watch it from the beginning to end!! I would love a group of friends like that!! Heck, I would love to live in New York!!
  2. Grey’s Anatomy: I know, I know, overrated right!? I know it’s had its slow moments and all BUT I can’t stop watching it! They always reel you back in! I know they killed everyone off but I’ve grown to love the new characters of the show! Don’t get me wrong, I still miss the originals though!! I have a feeling I’ll be stuck forever!!
  3. Jane the Virgin: This show still have new episodes coming out on tv but they have everything up until last season on Netflix!! Every. Single. Episode. leaves you going “what’s going to happen?!” Your questions get answered quickly but then there are a million other questions to be answered! They are good at keeping you hooked! It’s a funny type drama!
  4. The Fosters: This is one of my favorites!! I’ve actually considered wanting to be a foster parent because of this show! A house with 5 teenagers is always full of something crazy going on && they cover a lot of the current topics in an amazing perspective!
  5. Gilmore Girls: Who didn’t want a mother daughter relationship like Lorelei and Rory? You then grow up and realize that’s not completely realistic but still lol I also was close in age to Rory when the show originally aired and I absolutely love small towns! I wish Luke’s Diner and all were real! Just a feel good show.
  6. The Office: I tried starting this one awhile back and didn’t get past many episodes but I was told multiple times that I needed to try it again so here we are laughing our heads off at how ridiculous they are! It’s like a stupid funny!
  7. Baby Daddy/Young & HungryI am lumping these together as one because they both ran together and are both easy short watches! They were cute and I wish they would’ve kept the shows going!! They just kind of ended! Don’t let that discourage you though!!
  8. New Girl: I am always on and off with this one! I love it for awhile and then I have to take a little break and come back! I just love Zooey Deschanel!! I love how quirky she is in this show!
  9. The Crown: I haven’t finished this one yet but I love history pieces and this is such an amazing dramatized version of the life of the Royals! Queen Elizabeth II and her children’s life! I always want to look up and see what’s real and what’s exaggerated!
  10. The Good Place: I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give anything away! Every season will end with you not seeing any of it coming! It’s a fun little show!
  11. Gossip Girl: Ya, I went there! It was so hard not to get caught up in their drama and just image living that rich and fabulous life!! I love Blake Lively and Leighton Meester just in general!! I was also mind blown when I realized that Jenny is Cindy Lu Who from The Grinch!!!!! lol I had to end these on a fun note!

I wish they’d bring How I Met Your Mother back!! Oh my goodness, my husband and I watched that show over and over and over!!! I do love that they are adding the new Disney movies on there as they are released though!!

I would love it if they added Sex and the City, Modern Family, && This Is Us!!!

P.S. I HATE hearing how the main characters actually hate each other in real life!! I KNOW it’s just a show, but gosh, just pretend the show is real life outside of it too for the fans sake! 😉 Example: Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Feud from Sex and the City and how Blake Lively and Leighton Meester didn’t like each other either during the end filming of Gossip Girl!


What are some of your favorite Netflix shows? I will be looking for a new one soon!!

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  1. Anne Mutisya says:

    We have a lot of similar tastes in shows. I do love the Crown and any history pieces like Downton Abbey. Need to catch up on the last season of the Crown though. Netflix Canada has a very sordid collection of shows and movies so I get annoyed and use other sources to watch. But currently I am into Flash, Super girl, Arrow….Agents of Shield lol..yup a little superhero obsessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I love it!!! I need to check out Agents of Shield!! I bet I could get my husband to watch that with me!! Lol


      1. Anne Mutisya says:

        Lol yeah I wish mine would but he doesn’t get anything sci fi lol


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