Things NOT to say to a Mom or a Pregnant Mama!!!

If you are sensitive, you SHOULD NOT read this!! I don’t want anyone taking this the wrong way!! These are things I hate hearing as a first time mom and hated while I was pregnant. Hate is a strong word, but it’s just to get the point across! I was never offended by any of these, I want to point out also!! I will also put out there before anyone else says it: I know most of the things people say are out of the best intentions but it doesn’t always come across that way! lol I’m sharing this for all moms that are too quiet to speak up!!

I wanted to make this post for multiple reasons: I hate seeing so many mom’s getting bashed for things they do, just support each other!! I will also fully admit that there were times that I, I don’t want to say judged, but thought in my head, I won’t do that as a parent. YES YOU WILL!!!! Take this with a grain of salt and make it as fun as you can! Because that’s what I’m going for!!!! Just bringing awareness in a lighthearted way!!!

“It only gets worse/harder!!” Whether it be when I was pregnant and people saying that about being uncomfortable, not getting sleep, whatever; or now that baby is here with changing diapers, changing their clothes, or being a handful! It’s not that it gets harder, it just gets different. It’s your first time experiencing all of these things! In this moment, this is the hardest; changing a newborn you are so cautious and careful because they are so little and fragile and as they grow older they wiggle and roll around. Both are hard, just DIFFERENT!

“OMG You’re so Big/Huge/Little” when pregnant. JUST DON’T!! We are already SOOO self cautious and GROWING A HUMAN!! Oh, and don’t EVER ask a woman when she’s due, even if she looks 9 months preggo and rubbing her belly! Don’t say a worddddd until she does! You never know!!

&& STOP telling me all of the bad parts!! I’m already pregnant and freaking out!! I don’t need to hear about the sleepless nights and endless diapers and anything else you can throw at me!! Let me soak up the good parts before I have to experience it! I already know it’s coming!!

No, I don’t need to practice changing diapers on your kid either! lol

“We didn’t do or need that with our kids” That’s just lovelyyyyy! Whether it’s you letting your child eat something I won’t let mine, or me being overly protective or whatever it is, let us each parent our own way and please just respect it!!! Also, stop putting down my cool new baby gadgets just because you’re jealous you didn’t have them! 😉

Everyone is going to do things differently. Unless you see someone putting their child in direct danger, take a breath and think, maybe they have a reason behind it! I don’t know how many people have made comments about my 9 month old drinking watered down juice!!! I KNOW they normally don’t have juice until a year or older, my dr has her on meds and juice for a stomach problem she has. So please drop it!

Screen time: When you see a kid with an iPhone, DO NOT JUDGE THAT PARENT!!! Trust me, this is last resort and we are doing this for YOU, not us! Ok, maybe a little bit for us!! lol If we get to the point of distracting them with a phone in a restaurant it’s because they are completely restless and we are on the verge on a full on melt down! Let’s be real, you DON’T want to hear that while eating YOUR dinner! Once we get home, they don’t have the phone, we are playing with our toys && books! Ya, I saw your ugly looks!!

I don’t want ya’ll to think I’m crazy and want show you this is a common thing with other mama’s!! Here are their stories && advice on comments that shouldn’t have been shared! lol

From ForeverKenna: “I’m 5 months pregnant with my first, walk into a store to buy a gift, the lady there working says to me “wow you look like your about to pop! Are you due in the next couple weeks?” I said no, I’m only 5 months and she then said “you must be having some healthy twins” 😳😳😳 “nope just one baby boy”  she continues “there is no way you are having one baby, there’s either two or you’re further along” she seriously wouldn’t stop. 😔 I did gain almost 50pounds and gave birth to an almost 10lb baby boy. I was enormous, but that was so rude of her 😢 Or, a week after birth a lady asked me “How far along are you!?” (Same pregnancy) ”

From storybookerin: “You sure have your hands full!”
It never fails, when I am out with my girls I am always told that my hands are full. As innocent as this statement sounds, I always worry about what my girls are hearing and understanding by the comments. To combat any potential negative feelings, I like to respond in one of the following ways “and I love it”, “isn’t it great” or a simple “thank you”.

I absolutely love how ForeverKenna put this: I’m glad I can look back and laugh now, I was so hurt by those. But now they are kinda funny”

Moral of this VERY LONG story: Think before you speak! lol

REMEMBER this is all in good fun!!! I love your advice, I mean, I haven’t done this before obviously! But please make sure you have good intentions before you tell me! lol

What have you been told as a parent that you feel didn’t need to be said?



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  1. This is honestly amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I rolled my eyes when people said stupid crap to me. Someone actually told my husband we didn’t need a changing table because I would just change him “wherever”. I ALWAYS use the changing table STILL! People need to understand what worked for them may not work for others. I think it is helpful to get suggestions but be aware they may not work!! Or there is a nice way to word them. People honestly say the dumbest things to expecting moms and dads it’s terrible!

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